My Sister

I was eleven and I shared a bedroom with my three sisters. I was the middle girl, my older sister was thirteen at the time. I was was in bed, just at the point where I was not quite asleep but not really awake. My older sister got in bed with me, though that wasn't unusual, since we'd been sharing the same bedroom forever. This time, Shari began caressing the inside of my thigh, going higher and higher until she was holding me, rubbing, her fingers tracing the along my nether lips. She's also had found my nipple and was pinching and caressing my breast. My body responded in growing intensity and these new feelings and sensations were overwhelming. As I came fully awake my sister began to kiss me on my mouth and her fingers had finally penetrated me, and expertly found just that spot that shortly brought me to my first real ******. She stayed and cuddled with me and we slept together that night.

In subsequent nights, she taught me how to reciprocate and we shared each others beds from then on, and together introduce our youngest sister to the Saphic joys. The three of us still enjoy a physical relationship from time to time, much to the enjoyment of our respective mates.

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How nice, sweetie! :)

These experiences must be visually, physically,
and emotionally pleasurable & enjoyable for
all involved!

Very nice :)

Wow. Close family.

very nice enjoyable story

very nice enjoyable story

******* awesome!

Thanks for sharing

Wow. That sounds like me and my siblings. I had my first oral that way, but I was a lot younger

What a beautiful experience, thank you so much for sharing it - It's really wonderful you can continue such loving with your husband's appreciation

You lucky women to have this relationship. Very happy for you...

I did that with my sister-in-law ....but I was 35 and she 31.

sounds so much like my older sister and me except i was 9 when we started. we still love each other

very hot!

Great story.

Lucky mates!

although im a guy i get it i not only had sex with both of my step sisters but also my brother. to this day me and my youngest sister still hook up its our secret sometimes after having sex she goes home to her husband for oral sex i wish he knew it was me he was tasting

Nice memory.

Lovely simple story. Would loved to have watch that.

Sounds like fun to me!

It beats fighting with your siblings.

Ha ha! ...funniest comment here :)

Very HOT you let your bf watch

Would it be possible to sign my wife up for your training program?

Hot story.

I would love to go back in time and paly with you 3 and enjoy ourselves,maybe we can have more fun that way.... Hot story. LOVE IT!!!!

That's story is pushing me over the edge

So hot. enjoy the love you three share.

sex with sister very strange and immoral !!!

why? its very unnatural and immoral...

Mothers, sisters, father bothers etc are not sexual relation.....

Beautiful story. Thanks for sharing. Your husbands are so lucky. Do they join in to?

Lovely how cloe u sisters are

wonderful story.