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Family Vacation

When I was 16 my family went to visit my Aunt and my cousins in Atlanta for two weeks. My Aunt Ellen was then 36, divorced, and very 'Hot'. My cousin Sam has a 7 1/2 inch **** that is very thick and was 15 and my cousin Mary has 37E boobs with silver dollar size dark red nipples and was 16. One day my family and my cousins went to Six Flags Over Georgia. I was really tired of being with my family so I stayed with my aunt to keep her company for the week that the others would be gone. On Wednesday morning my Aunt Ellen came in to my room to wake me up. She was surprised because I sleep without a bra on my natural 37DD boobs. Now Ellen has a wonderful chest at 36C but she marveled at mine and wondered how I got so big. We have no real big chested women in my family that I know of.  Back to my story. Instead of waking me up Ellen could not help herself so she sucked on my boobs with their large brown nipples. When I awoke I was very horny and I saw Ellen completely nude standing over me so I proceeded to suck on her boobs and then she laid down so I could suck on her ***** and her very sensitive ****. I licked until Ellen had several ******* then she proceeded to take off my panties and give me many *******. On Saturday everyone returned so Ellen and my parents could go to a charity benefit dance that Ellen was sponsoring. I was still horny from Wednesday so I was determined to have sex with my cousins alone or together. As it turned out Sam and Mary had sex with each other many times without Ellen knowing.   When the adults were going to leave and go to the dance my father said they would be out late, they would go to the dance then they'd get something to eat.  As soon as they left Mary, Sam and I went out ourselves to get something to eat then we returned home about one hour later.   The three of us played ***** Poker.  Mary and I lost everything except for our bras and Sam lost everything so he had to pay up by having sex with both of us.  Sam sucked on Mary's left boob while I sucked on her right one then Sam had me lay down so he could **** me and while that was happening Mary sat on my face as I gave her many ******* and Sam gave me many *******.  Last of all (so I thought) Mary and I took turns sucking Sam's **** seeing who could suck it the farthest down.  I won because I have experience and love deep throat.  Before we were finished Mom, Dad and Ellen came home and and caught us all naked.  We never stopped because we didn't notice them until they asked to join us.  We said "Of course, the more the merrier".  I had never ****** my father before and it was fun.  I had also never ****** my Mother before and I loved it.  My dad had never ****** his sister Ellen before and he said it was very enjoyable.  Sam and Mary had never ****** their mother or my parents and they loved that also.  (more to come)
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so your parents werent shocked seeing u all naked ?.......did they join right away or too shocked at first?

awaiting some more.....

More to c-u-m you mean.

Loved your story. Looking forward to part two.



Wow, I loved your story. I'd like to read more. Please add me.

I would really love these stories more if they weren't so obviously fantasies.

Maybe, maybe not. I can assure you that if a person can imagine it, it has been done, and a lot you cannot imagine. If you think the extremely wide variety of interests and experiences in EP are not real you have a very limited imagination.

WOW !! Talk about ****** being a game for all the family,i married into an incestuos family the first time around but was excluded from the fun and games,mores the pity.