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3 Some In A Tree House

Back in the day when I was around 9 years old, We had this tree house which wasn't in the tree at all, it was beside it, but anyways I remember back in the day when my mothers friend's daughter (as mentioned in this story "" about soft **** being on the VHS tape) and my step-brother were playing in this tree house I remember we got into a fight about those going to be the dad because both me and my step-brother wanted to be the dad with this girl. Then she said how about you both could be the dad, which confused me because a house hold doesn't have two dad's and one mom. (Well at least in my little mind) So we played house with two dads for an hour or so until my step-brother mentioned about the other mommy and daddy game me and him play at nights and when no one was around, I don't know but I guess in interested her in that game (probably because she use to hump her stuffed animals, and I remember she had this big polar bear she had) so I put up this fisher price toy that this table for some thing I can't remember what it was for, but I put up to block the window so the adults can't see through the window. So then we started to take turns humping each other with our pants down, seeing my step-brother hump the girl aroused me big time, and I was waiting for my turn. Well I had my turn then the game continued for a few minutes, later we took this game into our basement where we were fully nude humping each other and laughing at what we were doing.
Again today the three of us still remember this and laugh/giggle at this and remember the good times we had as children, but now more serious stuff....., more later about my experiences in life.
Takamizawa Takamizawa 22-25, M 3 Responses Oct 26, 2010

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I know it's so weird when you have no idea what sex was until you grow into an adult, because I remember being that age and there was supposed to be a man and a women in families but we just didn't get what we were supposed to do to make babies or something, but at that age it would be impossible for us to make one, because of our little bodies.

it's strange how kids already get the basic idea of what sex might look like without anyone telling them..