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I Was A Promiscuous Little Boy!..

..and it seemed that I was able to attract equally promiscuous children to me!

I've made some additions to this story as I missed out quite a few experiences the first time around.

My earliest sexual encounter was aged around 4 years old with a same-age friend called Ben. We were playing with plastiscine (what they now call Playdoh) in his front room. We sent his little sister upstairs (she was around 2 at the time) to fetch a box of plastic knives with which to cut and sculpt our creations. When she returned she was greeted by the sight of the two of us standing playing with each other's penises. We grabbed a plastic knife each and pretended (thank God!) to cut off each other's little organs. And from then on we would regularly mutually **********.

My next earliest sexual encounter was aged around 5 years old. I went to school in Plymouth (UK) and there was a boy in my class called David (I'll spare him his blushes by not revealing his surname). I'm not sure how it started but I found myself one summer's afternoon in the toilet with him, trousers around our ankles, rubbing our erect penises together and kissing. David suggested (and I quote here) that "We kiss while our willies kiss". It felt great and even though there were other children in the toilets, nothing could have made us stop at that point.

I played around with girls too. In particular the youngest daughter of a family friend who we stayed with infrequently. She was perhaps two years my junior when I was six and she would often instigate games of Doctors & Nurses. Often times we would not be allowed to go downstairs to use the toilet at night and as a result she would watch intently as I peed in to a potty. On one occasion she made a bee-line for me and stole my pyjama bottoms. I jumped in to bed with her (her older sister was in the room and I was embarassed by my sudden and unexpected nakedness). Next thing I know something warm and moist was being rubbed against my penis. And when I put my hand down to find out what it was I discovered that she was actually rubbing her vulva against my penis. She'd taken her pyjamas off before snatching mine! Her eyes were closed and she was concentrating so hard on thrusting against my rapidly growing penis that she didn't notice her sister watching us from her bed, a look of amusement and puzzlement on her face. I never had any sexual experiences with her older sister.

I'd repeatedly visit the toilet during the day in the hope that she'd follow me in. And on at least one occasion, she did. She saw me stood there, penis in hand directing a jet of urine in to the toilet and she immediately grabbed it. Hard. Her nails dug in and I had to ask her to be gentle. And she literally stood there and aimed my pee in to the pan whilst I became increasingly erect.

At night, especially when the sleeping arrangements left me and her alone in the spare room, our games would continue. She taught me the pleasures of making love to a teddy bear and I remember laying side by side, naked and humping a large teddy bear each. I witnessed her experience an ****** at the age of around 4 or 5. Her humping became increasingly urgent, her breathing became heavier and eventually with an audible grunt she stopped moving momentarily before her whole body jerked in what was obviously, looking back, a powerful climax.

We often played Doctors and Nurses together. Taking it in turns to examine each other's genitals (it very rarely extended to any other part of our bodies) and I can recall to this day the smell left on my fingers when it was all over. In terms of her touching me, it was never really ************ as such. More a gentle exploration of my penis and testicles which brought me to a non-negotiable erection. I don't recall ever climaxing whilst playing Doctors & Nurses with her.

I went to stay with Ben in Newbury (to where he'd moved) when I was around 7 or 8. It was summer and all of the adults (save for my Dad) were going out on the town. Dad was left to babysit the three children. And so Ben and I opted to sleep naked. We asked permission and my Dad conceded that as it was summer we could if we needed to.

That night, behind a closed bedroom door, Ben's hand found it's way under my covers and on to my penis. And my hand found his. He regailed me with a story of a girl he'd "fumbled" with in the woods near his home while we slowly *********** our way to ******.

And he came to stay with me a few months later. In a big double bed in our spare room was where we slept. One night whilst we were ************ each other I suggested that we rub our penises together but he wasn't game for that at all. And so I left it a couple of nights and then, rather sneakily, suggested that we measure our penises to work out whose was the biggest. So we got each other erect and we "measured" with our fingers. "But that..." I said, " not the best way of measuring. We'll have to put them together to see whose is the biggest." And he agreed.

It lasted less than ten seconds. He just wasn't in to the whole frottage thing.

The next chance I got was with another boy called David. But this time he was around 12 years old and I was a few years younger. His Mum, Lynne and my Mum were friends. He came to my house one day and we were playing in my room. I was doing something that clearly annoyed him because he said "Stop that or I'll shag you." My penis lurched and I, of course, didn't stop. The weird thing is, he laid down on the floor, undid his trousers and slid them down and said "Right, come and shag me." The roles had been somewhat reversed. And so (I remember now, I'd been stood on a chair trying to reach something on top of my wardrobe) I got down, undid and lowered my own trousers and climbed aboard. Bulge to bulge. His hands went to my backside and we *******. It was the most intense feeling of my life. I said "Let's take our pants off and do it." but sadly he didn't want to play that game. And as quickly as it started, it was all over.

Each time we met, in my bedroom or his, away we'd go. Usually at his suggestion. And always through our clothes. Clothed frottage. Felt great but by God I'd have given anything to do it naked. And I didn't have to wait long before I could...

And then finally came my step brother. I was about 8 or 9 when I was first introduced to him. He was perhaps 5 or 6. He stayed at my house one weekend. We went swimming during the day, shared a bath that night and then shared my bedroom. It was all building up to the inevitable!

Like I said, I was pretty promiscuous and welcomed any opportunity for a little "play". So as we lay there together I said something like "Ooh, my willie's itching" and began to feverishly "scratch" myself to an erection. There was an awkward pause. And then the immortal words "Yeah, so's mine." And some movement next to me. A minute or so later I was asked "Shall we scratch each others?" and we did. Sort of. If rubbing can be classed as scratching! I really didn't know where we were going with this. So I asked him "What shall we do now?"

And then he made a suggestion that made my heart leap out of my chest. "Wanna shag?"

And so we awkwardly pulled our pyjama bottoms down to our knees (my suggestion in case an adult walked in and we needed to get dressed quickly) and the next thing I knew I was laying on top of him, penises pressed together, humping with all that I had. His hand would re-adjust my genitals against his when they slipped apart and we did that for quite some time. In the weeks and months that followed we experimented with oral sex (which extended to licking the tip of the other's penis as we hadn't even thought about sucking!) and faux anal sex (just using each other's buttocks for gratification.)

We also experimented with role-play. He'd lay there writhing around pretending to make love to somebody and I'd "come in", discover him (a milkman) making love to my wife. Of course, I was outraged. I'd shove my imaginary wife out of bed, clamber on top of the "milkman" and begin frotting him saying something like "It's not her you want mate, it's me!"

Our "frottage" would always end in an ****** for one of us. We didn't know that what we were experiencing was an ******, we just knew that sooner or later one of us would say "I can't do it any more" and we'd have to stop. I remember vividly getting the same feeling in my penis and stomach as I do now but with no *********. And afterwards, a slight feeling of shame but mainly discomfort if we didn't stop grinding our penises together the moment the feeling washed over me.

We both understood that what we were doing was not "gay" but was really practicing for our future girlfriends. I'm not sure now how much of that I believe. For me, it was all about pleasure. I did it because it felt good.  I didn't consciously select males as partners so I guess the "gay" part isn't true. But I was obsessed throughout my childhood with the idea of rubbing my penis against somebody elses. Experimenting formed a large part of my development and I guess other people's.

I was a randy little sod. But now that I'm grown I'm happily married with two wonderful children. The incidents I've just recounted were exactly what they were. Innocent games played between niave and happy children. And we've all grown up well rounded, healthy and happy individuals.

That said, I'm still mentally stimulated by the notion of pressing and rubbing my penis against that of another man. I wouldn't go so far as to say I'm bisexual. Far from it. I don't fancy other men and could not form a romantic attachment with one. But under the right circumstances, I really believe that I would like to relive my childhood experience one last time to see if it was as wonderful as I recall it being!
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I have done it with I don't know how many boys I started when I was in graid 5 ever since then me and my mate do it when ever he want to feels grait

Hi Tj1990, As long as you both enjoy yourselves and no harm is caused to anyone, life is for living.

I had a few myself. Most focus around one friend. Whenever we were alone together it would turn into sexual play. We started under 10 and went on for a few years. SLeep overs were the best. Clothes came off and our hard hairless ***** became each others play things.

Well, as long as you both enjoyed yourselves and no harm was done, wonderful!


Hi graemehicks, Your experiences sounded wonderful. No one was hurt by them it sounds, quite the opposite it seems. Thanks for sharing your memories

"We both understood that what we were doing was not "gay" but was really practicing for our future girlfriends. I'm not sure now how much of that I believe. For me, it was all about pleasure. I did it because it felt good. "For some reason the natural childhood games that both boys and girls play is always excused as "practice" for the future. It is, in reality, exactly as you say, pleasurable and feels good. The need to excuse this as not being gay is silly. It is sexual development pure and simple. If, in fact, same gender attraction is genetic then the pre-pubescent games of children have NOTHING to do with future sexual attachments. It is time to just acknowledge, that no less than adults, and possibly more so, children find enjoyment in experiences with their own bodies.

Here, here.

great story, there is something familiar in that sexually aware people seem to draw others of like minds. this phenom carries over into adulthood. even younger people seem to know the adult they can approach

Great story

I don't think she could have an ****** at 4 or 5 years old.

Oh she definitely did. I remember experiencing ****** at around that age too. Sure it serves no physiological purpose when you're that age but it still felt good!

I to like everyone had lots of sex play with other boys at various ages in life.some became relationships and others were one sided, with me doing the servicing. Like most I have and would play around with another guy still. I'm not sexually attacked to men and cannot explain how it seems to come about but after being married for MANY years and having 2 sons, I've had a buddy not 2 long ago. <br />
<br />
In the old days, it was not uncommon for guys to fool around as kids and into adulthood even after marriage. It all goes to your perception of what sex is.. to me, Essex with my wife is love and sex with a guy is lust. I guess you could say it is the difference between making love and *******.<br />
<br />
Oh well... we men are a horny bunch...

Great story and comments. I shared similar experiences growing up and they were usually always pleasurable, mutual, and fun. Frottage is undervalued as a means of sexual release; both men and women can experience it, and it can in itself be part of sexual games and play prior to other kinds of experimenting. Don't remember when I first discovered it, but rubbing, comparing size, playing and showing and coming together early without *********** is em<x>bedded in my many memories of childhood sexuality. Thanks for sharing these stories. They still excite....

Great story, thanks!<br />
<br />
Doing anything sexual at age 4 seems so early for me. I was a horny child and I was wanking off regularly around age 7 but my young mind didn't ever come up with the idea of doing stuff with someone else until I was around 11 years old or so.<br />
<br />
But I also remember every moment of my first sexual encounter and like yours it was with another boy. The sexual thrill I felt from it was electrifying and almost too intensely pleasurable. Not only when we went into my garage and pulled out our dicks for each other. The anticipation of doing it the first time was very erotic in a different but just as sexually exciting way. And the seduction game this boy and I played with each other for almost a year before we had our first gay sex hookup would make a great erotic story by itself. I've written a few stories about several aspects of my secret teenage gay love affair with my best friend, hope you all read them soon - and if you do please comment and share your thoughts about my stories. Thanks!!

Wow, I must admit that when I was really little, I had sex with other boys too.<br />
Great story :)

It seems many young boys have had similar experiences, I know I did also, with other boys and girls too. You name it, I did it. It all started around the age of 5 or so for me. Never gave it a thought about my sexuality, just knew it felt good no matter if it was a boy or a girl I was with. Funny how now that has changed. Seems we are all born bi-sexual, and as we get older we go one way or the other, or stay as a bi. I am a straight male who would prefer to be bi, but my wife would not approve so I leave it alone. That is very frustrating, as I have a strong desire to sometimes be with a man. But I look back on my childhood experiences fondly.

Thanks Crisean. I agree. From what I remember, the feeling of my pre-pubescent penis rubbing and rolling over the stiff and almost bony penis of my stepbrother was so intense. It made my heart race and would lead, inevitably to an ****** for one of us within minutes. It was always more pleasurable for me when I was on top though. I would love, one day to relive those sensations but somehow doubt I ever will.

Hey Linked. Nice to know I'm not alone. I was pretty obsessed with my penis as a child and curious about those of other boys. I enjoyed so many experiences before puberty!