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Had Sex In Back Yard With My Female Friend And Infront Of My Sister Watching.

When I was 12 my friend was ten sister ten years old we went,too my friends house in the back yard playing it was a very hot summer ,I had a tank top on and shorts my friend and sister was wearing tank tops and very short summer skirts my friend had no panties on,she bent over and their was her bare bottom in plain veiw. I could help but smile and say something, I told her wow you sure have a cute little bottom she smiled and said thanks.Then she turned around and pulled the front of her skirt up ,then she said do you like my vagina, I told her yes its very pretty.Then she removed her skirt .Then she said can I see your penis I told,her ok then my sister and friend smiled big.Then my sister removed my shorts and my friend took her top off,then she removed my shirt.After that she put her hand down the front of my underwear and started playing with my penis then my sister removed all her clothes .The my friend removed my underwear,then my sister started playing with my balls my friend started playing the the tip of my penis, and the shaft of my penis.Then she said your really hard let's have sex.The I laid down then my friend and i had sex and my sister watched the end.
texad texad 41-45, M 10 Responses May 16, 2011

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this is kinda hot

Wow! Very hot! And very lucky guy

Wow,wow and double wow,you lucky boy. Did both of you manage to reach your climaxes as well? It must have been good for your sister as well,watching all that action.

Yes we did and my sister also enjoyed watching.

Ohhhh! Once again,you lucky boy. Did you DO any more of your sister's friends? I you did,bet they all enjoyed to .

A couple times she also invited me over to where she was babysitting and showed me off to those girls. Sis was pretty wild back then.

Great comment sound like a lot of fun and goodtimes.

My sister is 3 yrs older than me. Shortly after getting her cherry popped by the boy down the street, I lost my virginity to her and it seemed that most every time we were home alone she'd invite me into her bedroom. She was glad to have satisfaction handy whenever she wanted it, and I was glad to be able to learn how plus plenty of practice, including learning how to become good at eating.

Mmmm, thanks for taking the time to share that. I enjoyed visualizing it as I read your desc<x>ription.

You welcome glad you liked it thanks for your comment.

A great, fun, hot, sexy story! I enjoyed reading it!

Thanks glad you enjoyed it.

Great story.. You were a lucky kid.

Thanks for comments

Your friend is hot. It is a fine day when you can have that much excitement. Isuppose your sister had sex with you too. My younger sister started playing with other girls at school. They would go to the restroom together and rub and pee together. Like you, her friend had a brother.