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My First Out Of Many Sexual Experiences As A Kid

here is my first experience out of my many sexual experiences as a child that i will follow up on

so my first was me and my brother (i know gross!!!!) but i was inly like 5 so didnt know better and since we shared a room and had a bunk bed i would ask him to sleep on the bunk and i would ask him to touch me and it still disgusts me today that i did that.

what do you think?
thank you my other stories wil be more detailed but i really dont want to remember it cuase i think its gross, this one is my first experience sexually though so i thought i would start with it.
rosiefreemn rosiefreemn 22-25, F 26 Responses Jul 8, 2011

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It's good for you,,
For I want to have sex with her but I think she does not feel the same...

She's so hot

It is so nice experimenting with brothers and sisters,nothing gross about that,Nature way,even at 5.

In fact other cultures not the US consider this exploration quite natural and do not attach the stigma to it telling you it must be gross.

when i was a child i remember my older brother asking me what my genitles were but we never made contact well atleast i dont remember having any and i still feel like he did something wrong to a point where i now suffer menatl health issues because of it,, even if we were experimenting is it normal? id love some answers i feel guilty and feel like im pushing our relationship away hes my brother i should be close, not wanting to not have anything to do with him,, sorry for writing this on here i just need help,, thankyou guys xxx

The culture you live in is exerting taboo on childhood experimentation. A wide age gap would signal something maybe sinister such as 5 and 14 but close in age experimenting is not seen as such a problem in many cultures. A single experience especially not involving penetration would maybe due a problem due to cultural taboo rather than experience but I'm not a psychiatrist but an Anthropologist.

You were just experimenting with someone you were close to, it's natural.

Interesting. This story was written almost three years ago but I just found it. I find it interesting because my brother initiated some very mild sexual activity with me when we were young and I wondered, years later, what it would have been like if I'd had a sister, instead - either older or younger. So I've done a little reading about this.

Although many here have commented that it's very common, I wonder if it is all that common (brothers and sisters experimenting sexually, that is). Now, don't get me wrong, I personally see nothing wrong with siblings experimenting - as long as they are both OK with it. But what I read suggests to me that, aside from the general curiosity of it all, as they grow older and mature, children are NOT normally attracted sexually to their siblings *as long as they are raised together.*

That's what was interesting about it. It seems that they've found that siblings who were raised apart can actually become sexually attracted to each other, perhaps as a result of strongly shared traits and preferences. But if they are raised in the same household, it appears the everyday interactions preclude sexual attraction.

So, again, please don't think I am condemning you - because I'm not. I think you were merely curious and I really do believe that's normal in kids. I wouldn't get too worked up about it.

i think that's the most natural thing in the world. i wish i had had a lovely sister like you, i wouldn't have struggled with my sexual development my whole life like i have. please add me to your circle.

That's normal for young Kids to experiment think most of us did especially with family .

When I was 8 I experimented with my sister who was 5 because some older boys told me about fnking and that I should be trying to do it. I don't think there was any penetration and she was excited to do it at the time as was I. We only did it a couple of times. I keep telling myself she doesn't remember it. I don't see anything wrong with it though and neither should you. Childhood experimenting urges do exist.

normal behavior.
I was an only child. If i had had a sister I can guarantee you
I would have tried to molest her.

Nothing gross about it. You were both young and curious, and the situation presented itself. When you think about it, it was probably fun and exciting. My siblings and I taught each other a lot about what feels nice. We have no regrets.

In sex only two relation i.e. man & women nothing else

my sis and i experimented looking back it was exciting and as i have learned quite common. I'd do it now lol

I still do it now. With my sisters and with my brothers. It is like sachinghadge said, it is man and woman (or woman and woman). it is fun and exciting. I've known lots of kids who fool around with their siblings. It is consensual. I don't know if it is legal or not, but if it is done privately and with consense, we never really wondered about that.

we don't actually have intercourse, just fool around a lot.

Interesting I would like to hear your experience. you were just learning about your body.

Much more common and ordinary than you might think; children are naturally curious and play between siblings is pretty usual, simply because you wanted to find some things out. Most children don't really know about or understand sex exploration and it's often fun, exciting and 'naughty.'

happins to lots of people, nothing to be ashamed of ,stop thing that there is any thing to worrie about,,


Others have said it well.<br />
<br />
It's unnecessary to judge the actions of innocents by the standards of adults. At that age what they know is that it feels good and they want to share that pleasure with a close friend. Much the same as finding a new toy that's fun, or food that tastes great.<br />
<br />
I suspect that many children start having feelings which they would later label as sexual, but at the time just feels great.<br />
<br />
Your reaction to past events shows that you have developed a strong inhibition of what you wouldn't do now, as an adult. Please don't judge yourself harshly for acts of the past - you can't change them, and in reality, were innocent experimentation in life.

parents don't like to think about it, but children are very sexual beings. I had several experiences with girls when i was a child, you know show me yours i will show you mine and so on. i never had intercourse though until i was 23. My mom was for some reason very protective of my virginity and that kind of freaked me out, i was a good lookin young man and girls would always came onto me first.<br />
You should not feel bad though you were a child and what you did was innocent.

But since most adults in this country are idiots, we don't talk to our kids about sex and about their bodies. Through our silence we teach them fear and shame. I think this is especially damaging to girls. i think it is one prime reason women develop insecurity issues having to do with their own bodies. Kids are damn perceptive.. When you ask your mom a question and she responds with shock and obvious fear, what kind of message doe that send?<br />
<br />
I think about Freudian psychology here. I kind of wonder if this is one of the reason the "cinderella fantasy" is so universal among girls. I think about how the imagery in the cinderella story mirrors feelings of shame, parental neglect and alienation on the subject of sexuality: Wanting a distant abstracted male archetype to "discover" them, etc. (Women reading this please comment and tell me what you think.) I realize there are other psychological aspects at work.<br />
<br />
Why do you think sexual abuse is such a problem in this country? Because we DON"T TELL OUR KIDS ABOUT IT.

If you really did not like it at all, then you shouldn't write about it. If you liked any part of it, then it's not gross. You have to decide. The rest of us want to hear because it's hot, although 5 might be a little young.

Why only write about things that are pleasant? People writing can help them clear their thinking about things which have troubled them for years.

If you really did not like it at all, then you shouldn't write about it. If you liked any part of it, then it's not gross. You have to decide. The rest of us want to hear because it's hot, although 5 might be a little young.

I think it's rather horrid, I had sex with my far relation cousin but to have sexual types of contact with your own brother is just something that isn't normal, and to have it so young! You should've waited for a little while. Just my opinion, doesn't really count TBH

Not at all gross. My first sexual experiences were with my sister. Being brother and sister provided us with a safe context for discovering sexual touch (which was as far as it went, btw!)

I don't think it is at all gross. It is natural curiosity we all have and your brother was a safe choice. Much safer than out in the neighborhood somewhere that's for sure. My first experiences, at about 9 or 10, were with a neighbor girl about same age. We were just lucky we were good friends and didn't get caught.

You should not waste time regretting the past. I was so sexy as a child but was inhibited by all the rules imposed by others. I wish we could all be more honest about it all. My sister used to show me what was under her skirt and let me lie rubbing my **** against her when she wanted to show a girlfriend how to have sex. I wish she had done more of this as it could have helped me cope with my natural sexiness better.

I don't think it was gross either.