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My Third Sexual Experience As A Child

i had this friend in grade three we used to play a whole bunch of sexual games together but here are to that i recall btw me and my friend are both girls, so anyways heres the experiences

ok so i remember we used to both get completely nude and than get under the covers we both knew about sex and we were trying it out so we tryed having sex and obviously there was no penis so what could we do we each put a hand over each others vagina and tried to finger each other we both moaned it felt great!! i know short story but worth sharing

second she owned this doll the same size as us ( both in 3rd grade at the time) and we would switch off as someone being a paparrazzi taking pictures of the scene and the other pretended to be a man having sex with the doll it was really fun ( at the time) but when i think back on it we were so weird!!!

thank you for reading!!
rosiefreemn rosiefreemn 22-25, F 9 Responses Jul 8, 2011

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My friend also under covers from bout7yrs.old to bout 10time or 11yrs. We touched and even quick taste. In latter yrs we would show, or try to show how we would treat certain girls we liked. Yes we are males. And no brain damage.

Sounds like you have a fun, normal childhood. Boys do pretty much, the same type things. We would go to ******, then go off and do other boy stuff

Sounds great.

Sounds adorable :)

Enjoy they are your memories and nobody but nobody can tell you they are right or wrong .They private and yours and nice to remember with out judgment just remember to smile when you think of them . ( I do )

love it when i was a child maybe 9 with step sister 91/2 and sister 6 we would undress under covers and rub each other. your story reminds me of how step sis and sis would grind while i felt their moist warm puddys .


Yeah,curiousity can be real fun,especialy nude.

Sounds like a very fun and exciting experience.