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Amy, My Little Sister

 Did you play "i'll show you mine if you show me yours?"  My sis and I started real sex at age 10, she was 7-8.  Mom put both of us in the same bed since we were toddlers.  Mainly because we were both chronic bedwetters.  So we both had lots of time to play with each other  every night. Being the naughty boy i was,  we always pulled down our PJ bottoms to facilitate access to each others pee parts. Also to avoid wetting our PJ's  We started with ***** penetration sex when i was 9, but i could only get the "tingling" and no *********.  We did it most nites....  Amy loved to get her ***** licked and I loved licking her. 

When I was about 9, I remember sis waking me up and kinda mad at me. Apparently I always got a ***** when I was asleep and I peed the bed. Since we usually slept in a spoon and I was on the outside, you can imagine where the pee sprayed. So...a few nights after she told me about my ***** pee I woke up and indeed had a little boy *****, and I needed to pee. Well I inserted my cockhead into her *****, just slightly, and let it go. She slowly woke up as I was filling her and she loved the feeling!!! Sometimes she would pee on me.... and when she was awake, she would pull her lips apart so she could aim the pee and spray me with it.

Amy introduced me to many of her school friends, and we often went into the woods to show.  They all loved to see me get hard and stroke.  A favorite with the girls was when I pulled my uncut foreskin back to show them my purple head.  They all wanted to see it *** and took turns to jack it up and down.  Many of them sucked it as well.  A few of them had sex with family members, usually the father, so they were not so impressed with my boy sized ****.

When I was 12 i started to shoot ***. And i loved to shoot it inside my sis, as well as the other girls. Mom split us into separate beds then. I think she knew because my sister leaked into her panties... We still snuck into each others beds for sex though...Also at that time some of the other girls were told by older sisters to only  have bumsex cause they might get pregnant.  So that's when we also started to do bum sex anals.  Some of us boys told the girls they would not get pregnant if we peed into the ***** after we came......
BCCanadaGuy BCCanadaGuy 51-55, M 19 Responses Aug 14, 2011

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that was... intresting to say the least

wow so Canada eh?

I sure do wish I wasn't an only child!

good realy enjoyable story.thank you

I love peeing on people and being peed on. It's kind of hard, I understand, for a guy to pee with an erection, but now and then I can get someone to pee into my ***** while we are having sex. It feels great!!

I've always wanted a guy to pee in my *****! You are so HOT!!!

I love water sports I would love to do it for you.

wowwwww,what lovely horny childhood memories

Almost everyone I knew (at the time of your ages) in our neighborhood had similar experiences. Not unusual, but obviously fun. Thank you for your story.

I had sex with my sister and i ****** her raw and i think i *** in her ***** and ***


SO hot!!! Tell us more!

Good were fortunate to have a sister like mine..nothing beats family loving

so hot

We stopped when I was 16 she was about 13... But in those 5 years we did it most nights. We thought at the time that we invented the 69 position.... lol Till we saw magazines with others in that position... We of course played lots of pee games....

How many more are there do people catalog vevery position? What is the sixty ninth position??? What does this mean????

Gosh, if I was one of your parents, and late at night while walking by your bedroom door heard you two talking & whispering and certain sounds that clued me in that something naughty might be going on in there, I'm afraid I couldn't help but quietly peek in and watch what you were doing.

This takes me back to when I was 5 or 6 too, with my older cousin and often my younger sister. They paying with my small stffy. Great story. Contact me if you would like to tell more!


I played that game when I was nine with a neighbor girl, it was so fun.

Hi -Loved your story . . did some of those things but with my two boys when they were 10 and 12 yrs old.

Your sons?

Lucky sons ..For me it was with my Aunt

I was you were my mom

Wow. I grew up in a much different world. No brothers, for one.

great story, i also peed inside my sister made quite a mess and wasn't nearly as pleasurable as I thought it would be. She liked it though and begged for it again, but i wouldn't go for it.