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Sexual Experiences I Had As A Child Were Fun

I had family members who were older girl cousins who took advantage
of my helpless ticklishness to do sexual things with me.

I used to be ashamed that even though at the time I would squeal
NO! STOP! I must confess it was fun & made me laugh. So I secretly wanted
it and liked how it felt when they would suck & stroke my little "popsicle" on
and on til they'd make me have dry "*******". It would "hurt" but it "hurt
good" so I wanted more.

I remember when they would get me down from the time I was 5 til age 9
or so. I was scared of their non-stop tickling but loved it when they tickled
my privates. My one cousin Linda was 12 and "went down" on me lots of
times when she and her 2 sisters Teesh & Cindy held me down in our
grandma's garage.

They would carry me into the garage in summer when I was wearing
shorts only & nobody was around, then pull my shorts & undies off & sit
on me. Then they'd have a blast tickling my bare feet, armpits, ribs and belly
til I went totally nuts, was out of breath and finally wet myself. I'll never forget
how it felt, being helpless and unable to do anything while they forced me
to laugh til I'd start crying and pee, but they made me laugh so hard I'd
just give up and try to endure whatever they would do to me. While I was
peeing the tickles weren't as horrible, so I peed as soon as I could. 

Then they'd make my lil weenie get hard. Linda would kneel down over
my middle and suck & lick me like a lollipop while Cindy & Teesh held me.
Even as a kid my cousin Linda knew exactly how to get me. She'd have her
sisters, age 9 and 10, who were sitting on my outstretched arms and legs, tickle
my armpits and feet bottoms til I was "ready". I was out of pee so nothing
came out at that age but I remember feeling my belly and peepee "squeeze"
rhythmically just like a real ******, but they had to tickle & suck me a long
time to make it happen. I remember when they finally got it "squeezing" I would
beg "NO PLEASE!  "OW!" "OW!" "OW!" "DON'T!" and struggle around, which made
my 2 younger girl cousins giggle & tickle me more. When my cousin Linda 
sucked me so hard my peepee hurt they would force me to laugh alot, so it was
very weird. But in a strange way though I was thrashing around going "NOOHAHA

I think my cousin made me like those little boy "dry shots" because it hurt a bit at
first but then felt really good. A couple times my aunt, (their Mom), heard me
squealing & came in and "caught" us, but she just said: "Be sure you let him
get his breath so he don't pass out!" My cousins just hollered "OK, Mom, we
just havin' fun with him!" while they held their hand over my mouth til she left.

As for me I was laughing & struggling so hard I don't remember how many times
my aunt actually "caught us" but once she just padded in the garage barefoot over to
where they had me helpless sitting on me and said: "Ok, let's see how you tickle
him!" I wasn't naked yet that time so my cousins giggled and started tickling. I was
laughing & squealing but my aunt showed them how to really "get me". She had her
daughter Teesh sitting on my arms to stop digging her fingers into my pits and start
stroking me lightly with her nails. Then she showed her oldest, Linda, how to pull
my shorts down farther and stroke my belly & ribs. Finally she showed my cousin
Cindy who was sitting on my ankles how to pull my toes up, stroke my stretched bare
soles, then scratch under the balls of my feet with her fingernails. I was hollering
TWO, THREE- TICKLE!" My cousins followed their mom's instructions and I went
out of my mind screaming & struggling. I heard her say "Come on, tickle him... I want
to see you get him!", then like another minute and I peed myself soaking wet. My
aunt laughed & said: "Now you know how to really get boys!" After that it was my
cousins' favorite thing to do to me and with their mother's "permission", (the girls
assumed because their Mom had showed them how to really tickle me bad that it was
fine for them to do anything they pleased with me), they did. My Aunt peeked in a
few times when her tickle-maniac daughters had me nude doing their thing but it was
dark inside the garage and I suppose she thought they were still only tickling me
on non-private spots. But soon I wasn't to be so sure about that.

One hot Saturday afternoon the summer I was 8 my cousins had me down and that
day for some reason I was just howling my head off in ticklish agony. My fiendish
cousins had improved even more on their Mom's "advice" so I was laughing myself
silly and begging them to stop. I had just been in swimming, my shorts were off to
dry and my darkly tanned skin was super-soft. So were my pale white feet bottoms,
and Cindy had let her nails grow. My oldest cousin Linda was doing her "gitchy gitchy"
stuff on my bare belly & ribs and of course my little brown member was standing
up like a tiny flagpole. Linda was 14 by then and knew all about what to do to force me
to ******. She taught my cousin Teesh how tickling my little nipples got me hard so
she was doing them along with my tender armpits. I was completely helpless and
begging & squealing so loud we didn't even hear Aunt Lena sneak in on her bare feet.
My cousins had already made me pee so it was the usual time for Linda to "do me".
Linda was tickling my balls but she moved down on my bare thighs so she could lick me.
She started to lick my stiff lil brown **** and I was doing my usual wild, back-arching,
hopelessly struggling desperate attempts to escape, going nuts and yelling: "HAHAHA
NO, HAHAHA! C'MON PLEASE DON'T! HAHAHAHAHAHA! when in my thrashing I caught
a glimpse of Aunt Lena peeking at us from beside my Grandpa's old truck!

I was the only one that saw her because my cousins were hypnotized with torturing
me as they always were and Linda was totally absorbed in her licking and sucking.
I couldn't say anything because I was laughing so hard. My cousins' tactics were
always that Teesh and Cindy, (my younger cousins), would keep me howling with
laughter by tickling me non-stop the whole time Linda was sucking my peepee. It did
make me so weak lol that I couldn't struggle so hard, and also kept my tiny "manhood"
erect in all its 3 inch splendor. I shut my eyes and knew we were going to be killed,
but the laughter was forced out of me and there was nothing I could do. Aunt Lena
could see the "whole thing" her 3 girls were doing even though Linda had her back
to her, and every few seconds I peeked over and through tears saw my Aunt staring
at us with wide eyes and a strange smile. After like 15 minutes I knew she was waiting
to see what was going to happen. Meantime I was screaming & laughing NO! DON'T!
PLEASE! HAHAHA!!! I was scared that Aunt Lena was watching her daughters **** me.

About 10 minutes later the climax came while Linda was sucking me like a Tootsie
Pop she was trying to get to the center of. I felt it begin to hurt so I started my pitiful
pleading for mercy. I knew it never worked & that they wouldn't stop until they made
me "dry ***". They could tell when it happened because that's when it "hurt good",
and I would strain every muscle, pant, laugh and scream at the same time. The girls
loved that part because they had complete power over me. This time it was more
intense because Aunt Lena was watching us, but Linda forced me and I couldn't help it:
I was twisting around going nuts in my little dry ****** while the girls were laughing &
tickling, saying: "GEEZ, Kev, why you hollerin for MOM? She can't hear you!- heeheehee."
Teesh giggled: "You want me to get Mom to come watch us make you ***? Heeheehee!"
Linda was still sucking while I writhed, squirmed and begged. Guys will know how it is
if someone is giving you head and they keep sucking hard while you ***. Its AWFUL!

I recovered out of my agony, thinking our deaths were minutes away. I slowly opened
my eyes and peeked over where Aunt Lena had been hiding watching us, but SHE
WASN'T THERE! The girls had let me up and I stretched my neck to see if she was
behind the truck ready to pounce but she wasn't. Aunt Lena had gone. I never said
nothing to my cousins about their Mom watching us, but later when I snuck into the
house naked and had to pass Aunt Lena in the kitchen I was so scared I felt the blood
rushing in my temples. I was tip-toeing barefoot and just got to the hall when Aunt
Lena said: "Kevy, come here a minute." My heart was pounding when I went to the
sink and stood next to her. I gulped and looked at the floor. I knew she saw all of it.
She had to, and heard me going nuts and saw Linda go down on me & make me "***". But Aunt Lena
put her hand under my chin and lifted up my eyes so I'd look at her. To my relief she
was smiling her old Aunt Lena smile. She said: "Kevy, did you and the girls have fun
playing with each other in the garage?" I gulped again. "Yes, Maam." I whispered. Aunt
Lena leaned down and kissed me on the cheek. "Well honey, I know there are 3 of
them, and you're so ticklish and all- do you really LIKE the way they play with you, I
mean is it really fun for you?" I know beneath my tan my face was hot & red as a beet, and
I knew she was watching us do, well, what I learned a few weeks before was "*******", but
I gulped again and tried to grin, and answered "Yes'm Aunt Lena, they make me laugh
but I really like it!". She smiled at me and asked: "Honey they tickle you til you pee but
do they make you do something else, I mean with your shorts off?" I knew I could trust
Aunt Lena. After all she had changed my diapers often as a baby. She had bathed me,
seen me naked hundreds of times and tickled me a lot up til then, but for some reason I
just didn't want to talk about what her girls were really doing with me held down helpless
in the garage. I knew even then it was called "sex", so I said: "Not really, it just tickles a
lot and sometimes it hurts a little, but I like it, I swear!" Aunt Lena grabbed me up, wiggled
her thumbs in my armpits while she chewed on my neck, which always tickled me to
within an inch of death. "NOO!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!" I squealed & laughed while she kissed
me all over my chest, nipples and belly, then she said: "OK you little bare butt casanova, go
get ready for supper, and at least put some undies on!" She let me down and I took off on my little bare feet fast as I could go
upstairs. I never let on to Aunt Lena that I saw her watching us in the garage that day, and I
never told my 3 cousins that their Mom saw us. Its a secret I'll never tell. 

My cousins did that to me til I got so big they had trouble dragging me in the garage
by themselves, so for another summer they got 2 brothers who were neighbors
to help carry me in and hold me down. They had a ball tickling me because
by that time I was 9 and could really struggle & holler to get away. That summer I
got tied up a lot with belts in the neighbors' "fort" out in the woods. My cousin Linda
was 15 by then and the neighbor boys were 12 or 13 so there was a lot of *******
around that year in the fort. I was still the youngest and most ticklish boy, though,
so I got "tortured" & sucked almost every day. It was my cousins' favorite thing to do.
It was also feeling better to me all the time and by then I loved having it done.

They tried something new later the summer I turned 10. They started stretching me out
nude by cuffing my wrists and ankles with old leather belts to the 4 corners of an old iron
bed Linda & her friends found for the fort. I had become even more ticklish than I had been
at age 5 and when they stretched & cuffed me to the bed I was completely helpless. Linda 
had her sisters & 3 high school guys she knew gang up & tickle torture me til I peed as usual,
then they wiped me off & tickled me again til they got my **** hard. It tickled so much worse
since I was tied up with all those fingers after me they made me totally hysterical but HARD! I
was all skin and bones and my lil **** sprang up immediately. I could barely move then Linda
took off her bathing suit, straddled my middle & put my horny lil member up inside her. It felt 
very warm & wet. Then the 6 of them tickled me all over til I had a dry ******. My cousin really
went nuts, though. She humped me up and down while I climaxed, so when I was going
UHH UHH!" I was twisting in the straps under her and when her **** clamped down on me
I would beg & groan from it, and now I realize she was having some genuine female *******.
She had her younger sisters try my **** while the older guys tickled me but they didn't go as nuts
as Linda did. They liked it though, and "practiced" riding my dink for hours. It was no trouble
keeping me "hard" for all of them cause by that time I was such a little "hot rod" my 3 inch winkie
stood stiff as a board long as they kept on tickling. That summer had a lot of rainy days so we
spent lots of time in the fort. The 6 older kids tried every kind of "game" on me they could find.

The next summer when I was 11 my cousins had gone to stay with their Dad,
(my uncle), so I played with the high school boys. They were rough and I was still
their fave "victim", this time mostly tied down on an old mattress in their basement.
They had fun tickling me til I peed but later on after I was nearly 12 they were
15 and 16 and the 15 year-old, "Kent", tickle tortured & went down on me, sucking me so
hard I screamed as I shot an incredible load in his mouth. It felt fantastic! Then the guys
tickled me while Kent jerked me off. The oldest guy Russell tickled my bare feet just as I
came and I was amazed at all the *** I shot everywhere! 

As for Kent he & I became sort of "boyfriends" & took turns sucking each other all summer.
The older guy Russell was into tickle torture but never went as far as Kent to suck me.
So he would tickle my feet bottoms while Kent sucked me off. I was the most
"experienced" 12 year old in my school, and got lots of "offers" to "try me" from
boys AND girls up through high school.

Guess I must have been a dirty minded kid but I don't feel like it has affected
me too much. I'm not promiscuous, a freak or an axe-murderer, but all my life
I've LOVED sex and like to be tickled silly by people til I ******.

The old "feelings" still come back, and I still "pop" like I did in 6th grade.
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This story doesn't sound realistic at all.

Hey, it is weird and doesn't happen to everybody, but in my
situation I was a neglected kid, had no one to take up for me,
and was with older kids who were sex maniacs. What can I say,

I also had a lot of female cousins who were slightly older than me. They loved to use me as their "boy toy" to explore their sexuality. They did lots of things with me (but tickling wasn't one of them) - I'll write about it sometime. For me it never felt like I was being taken advantage of or abused, it was just playfulness and fun.

That's kool but my cousins started on me when I was so little
I thought it was "normal" and it was just what kids did to each
other. I liked when they made me laugh but when it went on
and on sometimes I felt like I was gonna die from it. I can still
be driven to spasms when people tickle me too long.

Okay, you know I am a fellow tickling-fanatic and so I get excited by these stories...can't say I had anything as intense as that happen when I was a kid! I sure would have liked to have had some tormentors taking regular advantage of my ticklishness. I'm glad you enjoyed it and it didn't leave any "scars."