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Me & My Step Brother

My dad remarried when I was a teenager, and I got a new step brother to go with my new step mom. Loved my step mom, to this day, she taught me some of my most important lessons, and was my mentor. My step brother was the same age as me, and it was neat to suddenly have someone in the house that could relate to so many things, in a similiar way. We snuck cigarettes together, and shared our favorite music. Talked about our girlfriends and boyfriends. At some point, we mutually decided we wanted to try making love together. We had to sneak into each others room, while others were sleeping, and do it very quietly.We did it several times and it was Fantastic! That experience proved to me, that doing something illicit can be extra fun. It was fun because the feelings were MUTUAL, both of us desiring the experience!!!
codepgirl codepgirl 46-50 2 Responses Sep 15, 2011

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Wouln't you still do it with him if you could?

No. The time has long passed, every thing has changed.

I also had sex with my step brother, but it began when I was 8 and he was 12 and was regular for four years. It began with him heavy petting me in my bed at night and progressed to full contact. Maybe I'll share my story sometime.

Thank you for sharing with me! Good to know I was not the only seems like you and your step might've been each other's first lovers...a pretty important role...has your love life since then benefitted from that?

I'm not sure if my love life benefited from it or not. I seem to pick the wrong guys who are abusive because I like the bad boys, and I don't seem to find the right ones.

But yes, we were lovers. I had a crush on him even before my mom married my step dad. On visits back and forth to our respective homes before we all lived together he gave me lots of the attention I craved and it was great. And when we did become lovers the sex was really good. I'm surprised we never got caught we did it so often (daily x). He was aggressive and over time I became his submissive. I kind of liked the way he would press the issue. There were woods near the house and in the day time he would take me out there and hold me up against a tree with his arms under my legs.

I kind of think he made me develop a fetish for the rough tough guys who are aggressive, but I'm finding some difficulties with those type of guys and would like to hook up with some better quality men. I'm currently dating different guys and looking for the right one.

I posted my story.