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We Experimented A Lot

I feel like I got to share a few things on this topic because seems like people have gone nuts
about anything having to do with "sexual experimentation" among kids.

I grew up in the 70s, had a fairly usual family and lots of cousins and friends near my own
age and older. I was the youngest cousin, dark-haired, skinny and small for my age, so that
contributed to me being sort of a "victim", or "guinea pig" for my older cousins to do stuff to.

I was, (and am) horribly ticklish almost everywhere which also made me an "object" which
friends, cousins and older relatives loved to chase down and "torture" to death. I remember
in summer I wore nothing but jean cutoffs every day, (except when I had those off to go
swimming in the river), and many days I ran around wet from being tickled silly til I peed.

Now the kids I spent my years with from age 3 til like 17, (when I got out on my own),
were cool. We went to church together, behaved fairly good for our parents, (in my case from age 11 it was my Uncle Willie & Aunt Becky), only stayed out
or ran off once in awhile and didn't use weed or drink beer, (much).

But the one thing we were all fascinated with was each others' sex. It might have been
because nobody I knew then preached or hollered at us about sex being "dirty", or our
little bodies being "sinful" if we "fooled around" with each other "that way", but that really
wouldn't have mattered. We were growing up out in the country with plenty of animals to
watch, so it was just "natural".

As the littlest cousin I was the favorite for 2 reasons. One, I was so ticklish I would have
without doubt passed completely away if people didn't finally stop tickling, and
Two, I had the most wild, hysterical reactions to being tickled, the favorite being I almost
immediately wet myself beyond all control every time I was tickled. For some odd reason
this occurrence absolutely thrilled every person or persons who engaged in tickling me.

As for me I would be out of myself with sheer ticklish agony to where it made no difference
whatever if I was peeing myself or not. At that moment all I remember thinking is "OH GOD

For my inquisitive girl cousins, however, they liked one particular spasm out of my looney
screaming, howling and thrashing repertoire, and that was MY PEEPEE GOT HARD.
Like a tiny little 8 year old **** star when I had my barefeet bottoms, or my ribs, or pits
or belly, legs, knees or whatever tickled my little dink stood up rock hard and stayed that
way until whatever ordeal I was being put through was "finished".

I wanted to let people know that kids in our scope of friends, relatives, etc were not "BAD",
(at least I never thought so), we all just had this thing about "playing" with each other. We
really didn't think about it, except like I'd wonder if it would be "my turn" in the fort or garage,
(which made me gulp in anticipation and get "hard"),or if I would get to undress and "try" somebody else. I know the absolute coolest thing about it was
the awesome reactions it would sometimes produce from the "subject" we were "playing with" at the
moment, (especially later on when real ******* started happening). But that, as I said, was where I was, far as hilarious reactions & "results" were concerned, "The Fave".

The earliest "sexual" experience, (and how can you use that word when kids are 3?), I can
remember is when me and my buddy Charlie were bare-butt swimming in the river. I just
realized that parents now would probably never let 3 year old boys go river swimming with
young cousins who were 9 or 10, but with us it was OK. The water was shallow & quiet except for the deep hole where the older kids swam,
so we'd ***** off our lil shorts and jump in.

Anyhow Charlie and me were standing chest deep in water and were poking each other &
lol when one of us, (I don't remember who- we were 3!), grabbed the other's peepee. I know
it felt good so we tickled & pulled one-another for a good while. It just came natural! None
of the older kids "showed us how", but it felt really good so we did it a lot. Later the older
kids "helped us out", which was way fun but it started innocent enough.

We got out and laid on the clay bank in the sun while the older kids were swimming in the
deep hole about 100 feet further downstream and pulled each other some more. Then I
think it was me, (Charlie says it was me), who got the idea to suck on our tiny "lollipops",
and it felt so cool we did that til our dinks were sore. Nobody said anything about it. The
older kids probably saw it, but they, (as we found out later), were doing their own "stuff".

I've had like hundreds of friends tell me they did exactly the same things at that age, many
saying how they got caught & beat by parents for doing it, but they just snuck around
after and did it anyway. I want to say except for sometimes when I was tickle-tortured til
I was gagging and throwing up, other than that everything we did "that way" as kids felt
GREAT, and I have no regrets about fooling around. It didn't hurt anybody and kids don't
think about it being "dirty" unless some goofy adult hollers it at them. So LIGHTEN UP
on kids about their growing bodies. They got enough grief to worry about as it is!

kulshady kulshady 41-45, M 9 Responses Sep 21, 2011

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I sucked my bf **** and he sucked mine when we was 8

Were both 15 now

unreal to think that 3 year old would suck. It just does not seem real to me.

Fine. Maybe where you are kids are different. But little kids
will suck on just about anything and don't differentiate between
fingers, toes or something else. Kids aren't concerned that
some body parts are "good" and others are "dirty" at 3 years old.

Wow! We boys did the same. My god it felt good back then!! I wish I could do those things one more time with my friends for old times sake.

Glad you had a lot of uninhibited fun with all your friends.

I think we HAVE to have kids fool around like in the opening chapter of brave new world by aldous huxley cuz if kids cant experiment with kids when they are kids they will want to do it as adults & thus a ********* is made

Yes I always say that. Other cultures just let their kids alone to
work out their sexuality as they grow. Western culture is so anal
retentive toward sex that kids grow up with all kinds of neuroses,
which end up as "obsessions" which finally end up as crimes.

I was lucky enough to have parents who never asked questions about what me, my sister, and the brother and sister from across the street were doing, when we used to sleep out in sleeping bags in each others back yards, back in the mid-60's. It was a great and memorable time that no adults were involved in.

we all experiemented at least a little when were young. As long as no one gets hurt.

When anything near that ever happened to me it was ALWAYS ME that wound up in BIG trouble! Damn it.....

Great experience, I think more people have had them and won't admit to it. It was clean natural and fun. Thanks for the story.

Yeah, I agree, let kids enjoy themselves while young. In adulthood we get a bit prudish. Besides, as kids, experimentation is great.
Enjoyed this story as well as your last one.

Yes can remember being out with the gang,boys and girls and yes the local watyering hole was wear most things happened during summer from age 10-15,most of us swam nude and used sun to dry us off,but we used to explore bodies,only thing our parents used to say was stay together and watch oiut for strangers,which we did!

Yes and I don't know of any kids in our group that turned out
to be "deviants" or crazy people, (unless they are crazy in a
nice way- "wink"). I think its dangerous to limit kids' activities
when they are exploring sexually, because every human is a
sexual being and if you repress that part of the psyche it will
just break out in other, possibly bizarre, ways.

I also enjoyed the experiences you write about..always thought it was normal..everyone who lived out in the country did the same things.. As "lil Jimmy Dickens" sang....'Got my educaton out behind the barn'

So very true. Sex is a natural instinct, it can not be stopped.

GREAT point, and so true and insightful. Love it!