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I Was Only 11

My best friend, Susie, was also 11, and we began having sleepovers at each other's houses. Susie and I began playing "I'll show you mine if you show me yours," and then began touching each other. We began fingering our bare ******* and discovered that 11 yo girls can have *******. She had a younger brother, Randy, who was 9. She and Randy shared a Jack and Jill suite with a bathroom between their bedrooms. One night we failed to lock the door to Susie's bedroom, and Randy caught us naked and playing with each other. Being a bratty little brother, he threatened to rat us out to their mom.

"Do you want to look?" I asked, spreading my legs so he could see my little bare *****. He came closer for a look. I offered to let him touch, which he did with no reluctance whatsoever. I let him explore me with his little hands. Then I pulled down his jammies, and he had a cute little stiffie. I didn't know much about boys, but I was willing to learn. I touched his little penis and began to stroke it with my finger and thumb. After that, there was no ratting us out.

We became a regular *********. We could do it at their house, but my mom would not have let Randy spend the night, so we had most of our sleepovers there. We discovered that little boys can have *******, too, but not *********, and unlike men, they are capable of multiple *******. His sister and I delighted in sucking and playing with him. We allowed him to rub his stiff little penis up and down our slits. This continued for about a year until their father was transferred and they moved away. I have been bisexual ever since.
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girl of my dreams

What a hot story i love to hear about kids and what they did growing up!! Did you make him lick both your *****'s like ordering him to do it??

Loved to been her little brother and had you and her suck me and play . :)