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When I was around 6 or 7, maybe younger, there was a boy in the neighborhood around 10. There were not many kids my age around and I asked this kid if he wanted to play. He seemed kind of femme, he played with. Barbie dolls and cut-out dolls. One day he said ok,but he wanted to do something first. He said he wanted to look down my pants. At first I rufused, but then he said he wouldn't play with me, so I said ok. He looked down my pants and asked if he could touch it. I was embarrassed,,but I said ok. He really enjoyed it and quite frankly, so did I. This happened a few times until we moved when I was 8. This guy went on to be a fairly famous actor on tv and movies. I still think he was gay.
Galahad727 Galahad727 56-60, M 18 Responses Dec 1, 2011

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such a nice age to start

My first experiences were as at 4 or 5 years old. I was coerced by the older boy next door to give each other head... as practice for pleasuring girls!

my cousin was my first to do anal on me we suck each ohter few times before an jerk each ohter off an then he said lest do it we were areouns 9 or 10

yes he taught me alot back then

it sure was fun growning up

it would of been nice if you were

When I was about 8 I was sitting in a car with one of my uncles. I loved being with him, he was and remains one of my favourite uncles. I loved him talking with me, telling me stories, things I didn't yet know. This day as we talked, he reached his hand over and began to caress my inner thigh which instantly gave me nice feelings up there. Then, he began to move his hand higher and I already began to feel the lovely feelings of anticipation as he drew nearer. At last he reach his destination, my private part and when he began to reach his fingers in under my little shorts, I was almost beside myself with wanting, with needing to be touched. Then his fingers found their mark, I was completely awash with the most wonderful, sensual, sensate feelings that a brand new, young boys body could feel. I loved it, I ached with need for his touch, my legs fell completely open for him and I just rested back in the seat as he gave me this most wonderful experience of pleasure, I loved it. To this day I look on it as one of my favourite sexual exeriences and I love and appreciate him for giving me my great love and joy of sex that I have. Molested? No, I loved it, I mean loved it. Like I said, he is one of my favourite uncles still, today. I do love girls more than guys, however I like what a boy has too and like to feel and touch, kiss it and suck. This wasn't my first sexual experience, that belongs to another confession about me, my two brothers and sister, when we were kids.

My first gay experience was with an older guy. It was at a house party. I had brought a girl I was hot for, and we were going to "do it" in an empty room. Her mom found out where we were, and came and dragged her home, leaving me hard as a brick! So after everbody left, this
older guy and I had a "night cap", and he started coming on to me. He wanted us to jerk each other off, so I took off my jeans and my underpants, because I really horny and up for anything. It wasn't that I wanted to be "gay" or "homosexual", I just was all horned up and I wanted to feel sexual with another personal. Anyway, he flipped out when he saw me in just my undershirt (A wife beater; it was cute actually, almost like a baby-doll nightie that barely covered
my ***)n

(Continued) Anyway he flipped out when he saw me in just my undershirt, and started screaming at me, and called me a "**** hound", and I wound up getting dressed in the hallway, like a truck stop hooker. This was so weird, because he was the one who had initiated the sex. Anyway, I went home, and took a bath and jerked off in tub, which was better than nothing. It is kind of funny many years later. Guess the thought of a partner who nude below the waist was more intimacy than the guy could handle! :) (He was accurate in one way - I did become a **** hound in later years!)

please do not name him just enjoy privately your memories

I would not. I would not want to ruin his career and like I said, I kind of enjoyed it.

I started with a friend as well. I was spending the night at his house, and he went into his sister's room, and came back wearing one her slips...and a hard on. I got one too. Let's just say we took care of each others problem that night, and many nights after!

That's so cool!

Nice story, wanna play?

Oh? Do want to stick your hands down my pants too?

Oh yes I do. But, not only my hands!

Starsky or hutch?


When I was 8 yrs.old my neighbor and I played doctor at my house she was 9 she wanted to wrap a bandage on my ****.saying I must have fallen so she wanted to fix it I didn't understand why it got so hard.then she ask if I wanted to see her pee and fill her ***** she wanted me to dry it .and I did.I liked it but I didn't know why.Beleave me I do know.

was he the one that did time in Atascadero state hospital for molesting the child he worked with on tv


ya think?

first time i was seduce was by my cousin we were around 12 at time we were close an we had sleep over they had pull out bed we both slept on an laying in bed he put his hand on my underware rub it i was getting hard did not understand muc then he took his off an pull mind down we did oral an hen he turn meover an enter me my head burried in pillow so not to have anyone hear me

Tom selleck??


Hello Sire, The story reminds me of my Aunt. i was ten and She was 30?---i learned the beauty of what it meant to be powerful. Be well and let's start to chat. You are the closest friend i have . i am in Upstate NY and orginally from Boston...Be well, Luv, michelle

Was he Mexican or Latino.???



And you're gonna make us wonder WHO it was the rest of our lives, eh?<br />
At least GIVE US A HINT!

Can't do. He was on some early police dramas from the 70s

Kids in my neighborhood, we had a playboy club. We would all get naked for a few minutes, then robe again quickly...It just all fun...

Thanks for the interesting story! Do you think that this experience as a young boy may have set you up for what your sexual interests are today? I think those early experiences heavily influence ones proclivities in adulthood. They did for me anyway.

Could be

I came to this site to study sexuality and how childhood experiences form our sexuality. I think it's such an interesting topic. I had male-male sexual contact several times with peers throughout childhood. I wonder if that's what makes me attracted to men. I mean it's not the only factor but I *********** for first time when I was 8 and I thought I had discovered some deep ancient secret! I did it like every day. I'm a Christian now and I want to stop being gay, but feel so overwhelmed with that venture.

No, not for me. I wanted to have sex with this guy because I was all horned up, as girl I had planned to **** was snatched from the party by her mom, and because he did not know anybody I knew. He was older but no more than twenty. I just want to be sexual with another person. I did get laid a few weeks later , but with another girl. I was not traumatized at all; I was just puzzled. I had played sports, and I thought my cute little *** would make the guy hot. I did not screw around with men in earnest till I was over thirty. So no, I was not traumatized at all.