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I was 9 and my next door friend was 11. One day he showed me a magazine belonging to his parents that showed things I never saw before. Without me knowing he took out his **** and was stroking it. I asked what he was doing and he said "making myslef feel good' and told me to take mine out. I did and it was hard but I'd never jerked off before and told him so. He reached overand took my **** in his hand and began stroking it. He told me to keep looking at the magazine. He began rubbing his **** on mine and took my hand and put it down there. It felt good when suddenly we both began shooting our loads of ***. Not that much really but it felt great. The next day we met again at his house and he had me drop my pants so he could "feel me up". It felt so good that I asked if I could do the same with him. He took his pants off and we rubbed our ***** together for a while. Then he dropped to his knees and started kissing my **** before taking it into his mouth. It was fantastic and soon I was shooting it all into his mouth. I told him I wanted to do it to him so he stood and I got on my knees. After some instruction --" Lips together, teeth apart" -- I got the hang of it and he was ******* into my mouth.
One day at my house after we had done it I said how I wished I were a girl becaue they wear all the nice clothes and boys can do other things to them. I showed him some of the things I'd taken from clotheslines and he had me put some on. A bra, panties and a slip. He got real hot and said boys  could do other things to boys too and he said he'd show me. I laid on my stomach and he got on top and pressed his **** against my hole. It felt good but he didn't really get in to it,  so I said maybe he needed something to make it wet. We went into my mother'soom and got some cream that he covered his **** with and when I spread my *** cheeks and held them wide open he was able to get in a little. I coiuldn't relax though and he had real trouble making headway. He kept pushing and pushing and it began to hurt. I said I liked sucking better but he said it was just a litle bit more. I guess he was really getting stimulated because I heard him moan and then he dropped flat on top of me. He came and I guess a little did make it inside me. The idea of him ******* like that made me feel I was a girl.
We did this a lot and one day at his house while I was wearing some of his sister's clothes and he was sucking me she walked in. Cheerleading practice ended early. By this time I was 13 and he was almost 15 and his sister was my age. She told me to take her clothes off and that she was going to tell. He said if she did he'd tell that she was smoking kissing boys. There he and I were standing there naked and still with hard-ons. She just looke dand agreed that we had a deal. My friend then asked her, and we were shocked to hear it, if she wanted to saty and watch? And surprise of surprises she said yes. She asked if we were "queers" and if we did  the "other thing" which by then we had mastered and were thoroughly enjoying. We said we did and she said putting it in a girls front was better than in  a boy's rear. The naivete` of those days. He then pushed me onto the bed and virtually raped me, pushing himself inside me with such force that I screamed but he just kept ******* me. It began to feel good and I kept asking him to do it harder until he came. All the while she stood there rubbing her ***** through her uniform and also rubbing her *******. Then he told me to do it to her but she resisted so he grabbed her and pushed her onto the bed and pulled her panties down and told me to **** her. She had that look that said she was afraid but still wanted to go ahead. She voluntarily spread her legs and when I got on top of her she took my **** and guided me in. It hurt because I took her cherry and she bled a bit but once I got going she went along. All the while her brother was kissing her and really squeezing her *******. When I came and pulled out he immediately jumped on her and he forced himself into her ****. He came and this time she did too. She was crying but said she wouldn't tell anyone and so we all cleaned up and went on.
Two days later  he convinced her to join us and we became a ********* that lasted all through high school and for them well after college.
josilver josilver 56-60 6 Responses Mar 17, 2012

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Very hot! Love it

Why did some of you think it was written by a woman? It says "U" for gender, but, I just figure if a story is about two youngsters with dicks, they were both boys at that time... I guess I just don't question it beyond that.

I loved the story when it was two guys... when the cheerleader came into the picture my **** went down a bit, LOL, but I still enjoyed it!

How can you have a ****, this story is suppose to be written by a woman.

Yes,i agree with you creativegoth,,i have read many stories on ep,,the same thing,,or vise a vera,,i have found it very common on here now,,i thought it was me who just copt on to it,,so i am not gone mad,,lol,

Ever hear of SRS or transitioning?

wow,what a hot sexy story,,got me so hard here,thankgod,no pregnancy,,,love to here more,,but how are you and your sister getting on now?

And no pregnancy. I hope....