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My Mom Tought How To **********

When I was 10 my mom asked if I have ever *********** befor and well I hade not so I said no later on that day she asked me to come into the bathroom with her. So I did and she started telling me about how it is natural for kids my age to musturbate and I asked what that was and how to do it. Then she said it is a way to pleasur your self with out a girl. She started to touch my leg when she was explaining how to. Then she moved up to my wast and said to take of my pants so I did. She then pull of my shirt and told me to lay down and now we are in her room on the bed. Then she started to pull of my underwear I asked why she said she was goin to show me how to ********** I said ok. Sobshe got my underwear off the. Started to touch my penis and I got hard and she said that she was going to do it then show me how if I like it. So she started to rub my penis and it kinda hurt because she was sque ing really hard and the next thing I now she stopped and stood up I ask what she was doing and then she started to pull down her pants and started to undress I asked why and she said she was now going to show me what a 69 was and then she sat on my chest completely naked and it felt wet around her vigina and not knowing I didn't brother Ashe then moved her area fords my face and said to like the slit and she pointed to it so I did and she started to moan thinking somthing was wrong I stopped and then she was sucking my penis and said to keep liking her. Igina so I did and the after a bit she said she was cuming and told me to cover her vigigna with my mouth so I did and it filled my mouth likeing the tast I swolloed it and the. I felt a weird feeling down there and started to moan and breath heave and she said good job and I started to cry.

The. She asked if I wanted to have sex and that is a whole different story.
WeeNarf WeeNarf 22-25 27 Responses Mar 25, 2012

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I love how you can tell if a post is fake when they say stuff like I was 10 at the time (no you were not, guys hit puberty later and nothing much would of happened) or I was 12 and my **** was 8 inches long... i guess that was a good size (you know damn well that's unrealistic). Also I don't proclaim to be great with spelling and grammar but this is atrocious.

I would learn how to spell before writing this type of ****!

That's so hit and you're so lucky! Wish my mom did it with me

Wtf u had sex with ur mum so gross

are you saying your mother is gross?

if so, I would not have sex with her either.

I think moms should teach there sons about sex.

Before circumcision she gave me bath and pull back my foreskin that make my penis hard


nice mom you have

Big deal! My mom taught be to massturbaate when I was 10, and she use to invite me into her room and we would lay side by side on her bed and do it together until I was around 14. Then I guess she felt guilty and stopped. I wish I could do that again with her.

I was raised by a single mom (only child). When I was 11, one day after school she took me to her room and told me to undress with her so we could both shower. I thought it was a bit strange, but I went along with it. 60 seconds later I was standing naked facing my equally naked mother... The next 30 seconds I will never forget. She wasn't even looking at my face 'cuz I guess she knew what would happen, and sure enough... my very first ***** went up, up, up! She never touched me, and I never touched her, but I'll never forget her hairy coochie and perfect little boobies... and that's why I started masturbatin' my weenier.

Bull ****! Oh, and learn to spell... it will help you get more ***** in the future.

Why did you cry?

Coz he's a *****

If it was true you'd be the man



I have to agree about the editing and the spelling. How old are you?

My mother used me for her pleasure when I was younger. She had me ********** infront of her so she could watch. No wonder I am in thearpy.

I wish if my mom is like yours.

Come on tell us the other story

Tell us the sex part

I think it is great to have parents so open minded to think of their child's welfare. Too many parents are caught up on that sexual activity is bad. It is bad only if forced on unwillingly person. I love sex consensual sex.

Bull cried and a mom thought it was ok?

Ok why is everyone ok with this is insist ur mom should be in jail

like story

That's hot. And the best way to learn about sex

can u send me a pic of ur mom plz


i had a feamle friend who used to be like that with her son

Lucky to have someone to teach you. Did you enjoy it, and continue?

Well I did enjoy it it was very fun and I got very close to my mom and I can get naked near her all the time now and not be shy I take baths and showers and I don't have to close the door somtimes we even shower and bath togeather and she let's me touch her vigina and I have learn how to make her moan really load. So I can be very open with her I am nude a lot with her and it's fun that I don't have to hide any thing I am now 14 and we still have fun somtimes just last week we went summing and I forgot my swim suit so I swam naked and she did to. But I still need to we're diappers and that is a different story to if u want to give me your e mail I can tell u that one. So us being naked is normal and there's times when I am naked just because laying on the floor and somtimes I will wake up in the morning and I sleep naked so I would just go into her room and lay down beside her and she will just rub my penis and I touched and we kiss it's. It's very open. So we are many nude at home and a lot in the car because I don't like sittin with close because it bothers me so she wil let me undress in the car and sit there naked its very fun and yes we did have sexual intercourse.

After she tought me how to ********** she then got a condom and put it on me and I have a sister so she got my sister who she has already tought her all this and told her to let me have sex with her and it was her first time to so my mom undressed her and payed her on the bed and she told me to sit over her and put my penis in hey slight when I did she said to be careful not to hurt her so go slowly at first my sister started to moan when I put my penis in her and said to stop but my mom started to move my hip so I kept going and my sister started to moan louder and louder untill she said she was cuming an that is also when I reached my max. After me and my sister just later there her on top of me still naked for about an hour and I was just massaging her breast and she liked it so at lest one a day she ask me to massage her breast now.

Very hot. Awesome family for sure