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The Day My Sister Showed Me Her P*u*s*s*y Part 1

To fill in some refernces read my story "Heavy Petting a Six"

Since my Dad had become a preacher, Linda and I shared a bedroom most of the time. This was still the situation, so I saw her partially naked once in a while. It had always been a glance here and there, and it was never a sexual event for me. But then one day Linda showed her “thing” to me. She was 12 and I was 9. Mom and Dad were away at some church related thing for the day, so we were home alone. Diane, a friend of my sister, came over followed by two boys.
Diane came in and just a minute later the boys knocked on the door. If Mom and Dad had been home, these nasty boys would not have come within a mile of our house. They cussed a lot and began asking the girls to show them their “*******,” as soon as they came in the house. This was the first time that I had ever heard the word “*****” used to label “the thing”. It sounded naughty so I made a mental note of it.
“Good girls like bad boys.” It’s the law. The girls said they would let them see their things if the boys would show them theirs. The boys flatly said no, but kept asking the girls to show them theirs. Even at age 8, I could tell that my sister wanted to do it. Diane did too, so the girls soon said they would. These were the two best Christian girls in town and the two naughtiest boys, and I was excited about what was going to happen.
My sister went first. She said they would have to come in the bathroom with her. So she and the two boys went in, but before they closed the bathroom door one of the boys asked my sister if I could look too. To my surprise she said, “yes.” I think me being there made her feel safer, who knows? I was just glad she did, as I wanted to see what was going to happen and I wanted to see Diane. I went in and stood with the boys facing my sister. She had on a light blue checkered dress with a lace chest panel.
The boys began encouraging her to do it. She kept hesitating until the boys convinced her that they would not tell anyone. She pulled up her dress and exposed her white cotton panties. They were almost too small, and formed tightly over her “thing”. I knew what the “thing” under there looked like. I had seen it just recently. She again hesitated, but stood there holding up her dress for several minutes as they encouraged her. I just stared at the hump in her panties and became mesmerized by the shape. She stood with her feet a little apart. I thought how pretty she was. Her cheeks were red with embarrassment and her blue eyes danced with excitement. I began wanting to see her ***** as much as these two boys did. The longer she stood there showing us her panties the more I wanted her to pull them down.
I joined in with the boys chanting for her to “pull them down”, and that was all she needed. She pulled her panties down to her knees and lifting her dress, showed herself to us. It was the first time I had really gotten to look at it for more than a second or two. She looked at me as I looked at her “thing”. She had this look on her face that I had never seen before. I got such a thrill watching my sister showing herself to these bad boys. We all stood there and looked at her nakedness for over a minute before she dropped her dress and pulled up her panties. She was grinning, ear to ear as she left the room. It was naughty I knew it and she knew it.
It was now Diane’s turn and in she bounced. She was wearing a red plaid dress. She had very dark hair, almost black, and dark brown eyes. Diane was smiling and did not hesitate at first. Without any coaxing, she pulled up her dress and exposed her light blue nylon panties. They were thinner than Linda’s and even better showed Diane’s hump. I studied it and after a bit I was convinced that I knew exactly what it would look like when she showed it. Like my sister she stood there and made the boys beg. I didn’t beg, I just stared at the shape of it and loved how her upper legs framed it. Like Linda, Diane stood there with her legs slightly apart.
I am sure this is when I became fixated on panties and the way they perfectly show the shape of the female form they cover. It was like a gift-wrapped present, that if you looked closely enough you can see the contents. I already knew what this shape felt like from the time with Sherry and I found myself fighting the urge to reach out and feel Diane’s nylon hump as she stood there posed like little Sherry had. Just then she pulled her panties down. She smiled and her eyes danced just like my sister’s had, as she watched us look at her *****. She had little dark hairs sprouting on her’s. One of the boys commented on it. She let us look at her for a much longer time than did Linda, and she seemed to enjoy it. She finally pulled up her panties and as she left the bathroom she patted me on the head. It was great. For the girls this event was naughty, exciting and dangerous. If the boys told it around, or if Mom and Dad found out, it would be really bad. But for me it was naughty, exciting, and life-changing.
After the boys left and then Diane went home, my sister grilled me about whether I was going to tell Mom and Dad. I would not have told on her, but she didn’t know it. I hated it when she got in trouble, and I didn’t want her to get a beating for this. I wanted more of this. I told her I wouldn’t tell on her, but she would have to do some favors for me. She wanted to know what, and I said, I would let her know. I never did, but from this point on, my sister and I had a pact when it came to each others’ misdeeds. I would not tell on her, if she would not tell on me. She didn’t like it, it wasn’t natural for her as she loved to get me in trouble, but she kept our pact. She would still get me in trouble for minor stuff, and I never did like that about her. We were home alone often and fought a lot. Very important to me at the time, was that Linda could beat the heck out of me. We had a very combative relationship, but I can say for sure that it started getting better the day she showed me her *****. From then on I tried to see her ***** every time I could.
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Judging by the resolves to this this is creepily common.... Hey I don't judge but ew

Very nice!

These experiences must have been visually/physically/
emotionally pleasurable, enjoyable, sweet, and exciting
for both of you!

huh.... So thats what happens if you get drunk they go on the internet... you end up HERE

Lovely. I hope you've had many pleasurable experiences with her :)

U are so grose a ***** is nasty

MY sister showed me hers as well. She was growing up and just started growing hair "down there" and was so proud of herself for this sign of becoming a woman that she had to tell me. I said "Let's see"! and she showed me. I then had to return the favor and show here mine. This was just the first of many and more intimate adventures we had together.

What a delightful experience for you.

lucky guy

Great story! Did you ever ********** or .... together? Very lucky brother you are! ;o)

Sounds like some of the pleasanter experiences shared by some of us too

Don't u think there nasty


Lovely story! Took me right back to my own childhood! Thanks!!

Shows how a little act of sharing can improve and build relationships!

Great story! ...well written and reminded me of my own childhood (3 sisters)! Thanks!!!

Beautiful story, and so very well-written! Many thanks for sharing such a precious memory!

like story


wish i had a sister like that when i was that age


Ha! Love your writing style. And the stories are quite a turn on!

sis ***** is the best

The curiosity of boys and girls wanting to see others of the same sex and the opposite sex goes back to the beginning of time and is natural, normal and universal. It is nothing more than adolescent curiosity and just as normal as ************. There are those that admit they do and there are those that lie about it.