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Grandpa's Lap

I used to spend a lot of time at my grandparents' house—it was one of my favorite places to be, and they were two of my favorite people. Their house was so much calmer and quieter than ours, and I felt loved and wanted over there. (Not that I felt unwanted or unloved at home, but I guess I felt that they liked me more, or something....) Anyway, I was over there a lot, often stopping on my way home from school and staying for dinner before going home. On weekends and during the summer, I was often there all day, and slept over fairly frequently.

When my Grandma would go into the kitchen to fix supper, I sometimes went in to "help" and keep her company, and sometimes stayed in the living room to sit on my Grandpa's lap and watch tv while we waited.

Now, as I've mentioned in other stories, I *********** a lot. I didn't know what it was called—just that I wasn't supposed to touch myself in front of other people. When I wanted to touch myself but couldn't, I was usually able to find SOMEthing to rub against—sometimes a pillow, or I'd lean forward and press against the corner of my chair, or I'd lean into the corner of a table, or sit on the arm of a chair or couch—and either nobody noticed, or they were too polite to say anything, so I assumed this was acceptable.

When I sat on Grandpa's lap in his recliner, I usually tried to make sure I had a pillow with me. I would sit on one of Grandpa's legs, with the pillow between mine, and press it as discreetly as possible agains my ****. I got very good, very early on, at maximum stimulation with minimum motion (so as not to draw attention to myself), but I wasn't taking into account the fact that I was ON his leg, so he was going to notice ANY movement. But he never said anything about what I was doing with the pillow, so I assumed he wasn't noticing, and eventually got a bit less cautious with my wriggling.

One day, I must have gotten myself a bit more worked up than usual, because Grandpa finally had to say something to me. He muttered under his breath, said, "Give me that!" then pulled the pillow away and tossed it on the floor. I was afraid I was in trouble, but still awfully worked up, and I whimpered, wondering what was going to happen next.

He put his hands around my waist, lifted me off his leg, then settled me on the other leg, but tipped me a bit forward, instead of leaning back to rest on him as I had been. "There!" he said, and rocked my hips forward so I pressed into his thigh. He rocked my hips back and forward a couple of times, so I could see that he didn't mind, then let go as I started rocking on my own. I eventually tipped forward so I could get a better angle, and braced myself on the end table next to us. It didn't take long for me to finish, and I wasn't at all quiet about it.

Grandpa laughed and said, "You're a noisy one, aren't you?" I was very relieved at not being in trouble, and smiled back at him, blushing. He said, "Look what you did to me!" and set me on the floor for a moment, so he could adjust his pants. There was a small damp spot on one thigh, and I thought that was what he meant, so I grabbed a napkin and tried to dry it. Grandpa laughed again and said, "Not that!" He took the napkin away and lifted me back to his other leg. "This," he pointed between his legs," is what I'm talking about."

I was confused, and he could tell I had no idea what he meant, so he picked me up again and set me right in the middle of his lap.  "See?" I wobbled a bit because there was something there that usually wasn't. I tried to find a way to sit comfortably as I tried to figure out what his lap had to do with me. The only way I could sit there without falling to one side or the other was to straddle his legs, with the lump just under my panties. It was like trying to balance on the top rail of a boys bike, and I slid back and forth a bit before discovering that I could rock on THAT even more easily than on his thigh. I only rocked a couple of times before he snatched me off his lap and set me on the floor in front of him. "Much more of that and I'd have a real mess on my hands!" I was still confused, and Grandpa laughed again.

"Honey, that's something for when you're much older. Men put these inside ladies—grown-up ladies. It isn't for little girls." I was indignant at being called a little girl, and tried to argue, but Grandpa cut me off. "Feel how big this is," he put my hand on the lump, and I wrapped my fingers around to see how big it was. It WAS pretty big.... "Do you know how tiny your little hole is? Even my fingers are too big to go in there. If I put this in you it would hurt. A lot." I was pretty much convinced, and Grandpa said, "If you're still curious when you're bigger—much bigger—then we can talk about it. For now, we should make sure you're sitting on my legs, not between them."

And that was that.

He never asked me to touch his penis or kiss it, like so many of the stories I've read online talk about. He never tried to put it inside me, because that would have hurt me. He never even asked me to sit on it again, and I know he only did it that day because I was asking about it.

I DID sit on his lap many more times, and he did touch me—and I'm working on another story about that. (This one has gotten pretty long....)

(Part two is up: )

ubelsgirl ubelsgirl 41-45, F 17 Responses Aug 6, 2012

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I'm 16 and I have always been close to my grandparents. They are open to the fact I have sex and sometimes talk to me while I ********** and my nan has even rubbed cream on my ***** when it hurt from too much sex but they never become sexual to me. How can I make them wanna play with me and be naughty?

If she has already rubbed cream on your ***** for you, it shouldn't be too hard.... Maybe have her do that again, and tell her you need some inside, too?

They actually talk to you while you **********?? That just made me really, really wet to think about....

Yeah, they also wash my ***** when I've used it, they hear me climax but never come into watch :/ even though once, my grandad came in and said "enjoy that? Save some for later!"

Hi ubelsgirl, You have written a very good account of your experience on grandpa's knee. I take it you enjoyed it. I'm sure he did.

Hi ubelsgirl, My friends daughter would often sit in my knee. She would gently rock. However,an experience that happened to me this day at my friends house, she appeared in a dress. Normally, she'd wear jeans. She climbed onto my knee as usual. The hole family was in the room at the time. Suddenly, she swung her leg over my thigh, so she was astride. Then she started to rock and rub herself on my leg. She seemed to know what she wanted. I did'nt encourage her in any way. When she realised I was'nt going to help her, she got off, went upstairs. When she appeared again, she was in jeans as usual. It never happened again.

You ****** up.

As I said, I never encouraged her in her actions, she did it of her own free will. I'm sure her aims were to have an ******. I would have helped but lets face it, I could'nt assist her with her family in the room.

I guess that's true :(

How old was the daughter.?

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What a good grandpa, I would love to have such a caring and loving grandpa, I would propose him to show me his **** even if it would hurt, hurting in sex is a good thing

Not when it's a child who is hurting. Adults can learn to enjoy a bit of pain, but hurting a child? NOT okay.

Good written story.

How old were you?

chadjo50, I was grade-school aged, maybe 7-9'ish?


Congratulations on airing your very exciting albeit partially innocent experience with grandpa. I think it is fabulous how you were able to pleasure yourself on his lap. It is terrific how you utilize inanimate ob<x>jects in order to pleasure your ***** through your clothes. When it needs pleasure it is pointless keeping it needlessly waiting.<br />
<br />
Love your story. Thanks for sharing.<br />
<br />



Wonderful story. Instant hard on thinking of how sweet an innocent you were rubbing on his leg and how much he must have cared to help you find the right spot.

I don't just got me horny. Thanks for the share.

Thank you all for being so supportive! <br />
<br />
I got busy this afternoon, and saw lots of emails about comments when I got back, and was half-afraid to come see what had been posted here. I really don't want to hear anyone saying awful things about the man I looked up to for so long. <br />
<br />
I'm much relieved, and so happy to know that I'm not alone in my thinking. : )

Beautiful story. Looking forward to the next one. I think its great you had a honest to god good helpful man in you childhood.

wow! that is hot. and a very awesome grandpa for sure

I see that as very loving. I am very interested to hear more.

What a wonderful story! I'd love to hear more about how your grandpa touched you.