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My Step Brother Popped My Cherry

As i've explained in my previous story about my step brother he and i started doing sexual things when i was 9 years old. he was only three years older than me as you know, and our first experience was when he kissed me in the pool and touched my underdeveloped breasts.
So three years went by with us kissing when our parents weren't looking, cuddling while watching movies, all those cute things. i seriously developed the biggest crush on him. and i think he honestly liked me too. if he just wanted to take advantage of me sexually he would have just raped me and used me instead of cuddling and kissing like a bf. i know my stepbrother. he's not one to rape people. whatever. you'll see what i mean.
When i was 10 we started doing things he learned about. he started rubbing my ***** and teaching me how to touch him. a few times i actually made him *** and i remember how weird it was to have the hot *** drip all over my hand. i started to like making him ***. i liked how he'd make little moaning noises right before, grab my other hand and hold it, and how relaxed and happy he was after. our kissing got better and we started learning how to kiss each other without it being weird and awkward. then once when we were watching a movie our parents were out for a dinner party thing for our dad's work, he asked me if i wanted to do oral sex with him. i had heard of it at school but i didn't know how to do it. he'd never had someone do it to him, but he knew more than me. we paused the movie and he showed me some **** on his laptop so i could see how ******** were done. it was like one vid we watched but i got the idea.
So we went back to the couch and he sat down and i got down on my knees, not quite sure if i could do it right. i was also a bit scared of ******* up and scared about tasting his *****. i didn't know if it tasted good or not. my hands were shaking and my heart slamming in my chest, but i wanted to do it.
He pulled his **** out and i touched him until he got hard like we had done before. i had never made him *** like this before. i was so nervous!
He saw how my hands were shaking and asked if i was sure if i wanted to. he wanted to make sure i was ok with it. i said i did and grabbed his ****, determined not to be a scaredy cat. i rubbed it for a while, staring at it and working on talking myself into just going for it. but i wasn't sure how to approach it, so i just licked up his shaft. he flinched a bit and smiled. i smiled back and licked him again. then again. i started off just licking him up the shaft and exploring what it was like to lick the velvet soft underside of his ****. then i slid his head in my mouth and sucked a little. he smiled and assured me that it felt really good, and asked if i could suck more and go father down. i said sure and put him back in my mouth, going down further on his **** and sucking a bit more. i remember how weird it was to have something big in my mouth, and so soft and made of flesh. it was so hard in my mouth, and i remember how heavily he breathed when i began to suck harder, moving my head up and down like i had seen in the video. i remember being embarrassed every time my mouth made a slurping noise, but of course he didn't care. he clutched at the couch as i sucked him off and then he doubled forward and cried out to warn me he was cuming but it was too late. he was already shooting inside my mouth and i cried out in surprise. i pulled it out as it shot all over my tongue and the taste erupted in my mouth. it was very salty and tasted so weird to me. i couldn't decide if i liked it or not, but i ate it anyway.
He fell back on the couch panting and smiled at me, stroking his slowly softening ****. he told me i did a good job and it made me happy to hear it. for the next year i kept sucking his ****, getting better at it. it was our thrill to do sexual things while our parents were away, or even when they were home. we'd say we were watching movies in our room and would close the door. our parents thought it was just us being good friends. i guess you could say we were bonding ;)
Then when i was 12 my stepbrother asked me if i wanted to have sex. he had already given me several ******* by fingering me, so i wasn't too scared of things being inside me. he said it would feel good if we took it slow and i agreed. so we waited for an opportunity to arise when our parents were gone, and soon such a night came. we'd be alone for hours, and we wasted no time when they left the front door. we went into his room and closed the door. his window faced the front yard so we'd hear our parents coming home if we went on for too long. my stepbrother took out his **** and laid down on the bed stroking himself. i laid down next to him and he started massaging my already wet *****. i did the same to his **** and he asked me to wet it by sucking on it. i began to suck his **** and made sure to get it as wet as i could. he then pulled out a condom from his bedside drawer and put it on. i watched in fascination as he put on the colorless condom and then smiled at me. he had me take off my pants and undies and open my legs. he then got on top of me and kissed me, rubbing his **** on my ***** a bit. then he leveled it with my wet ***** and began to press. i clutched to him and tried not to make a sound as he slowly forced it in. i was afraid it wouldn't fit. it was too big for my virgin *****. i felt something tear inside me and he stopped moving, asking me if i was ok. i kept holding on to him and told him to continue. that i was ok. he held me close, kissing me as he inserted his **** inside me. i let out a pained moan as he slid in all the way, but the pain began to feel a bit good as he began to slowly move inside me. i never knew it would feel so big inside me, filling me all up and stretching my tight virgin *****. i began to make noises i didn't know i would, and he breathed heavily as he began to gently **** my tight untouched ****. he began to play with my breasts as he ****** me faster. sometimes it would hurt and sometimes id be ok. and later it started to feel good.
he began to **** me faster and faster, his breathing growing harder in my ear and my moans and cries grew louder. my ***** being pounded made a weird wet noise and it aroused me more. i became more aroused with him, wanting to please him. he then whispered in my ear that he was going to *** inside me. the thought made my spine burn and my ***** throb around his ****. i held onto him tighter, my nails digging through his shirt.
Then he came, ******* me faster and faster and making deep moaning cries as he shot his hot load inside me (with the condom on, but still). he then slowed, ******* me softly until his penis grew limp. a moment passed with us panting feverishly before he pulled it out. he then asked me if i came and i said no. he said he was sorry and then told me he could make me, but i said it was fine. i was honestly done that night. exhausted and with it being over my ***** stung and was really sore for the rest of the night, and a day after.
i dont regret that i lost my virginity to him. we still **** on occasion if we see each other for holiday. he's now away for college. ill write more about the few other times we ****** when we were younger in another post :3
ScarletDrops ScarletDrops 18-21, F 42 Responses Jun 16, 2013

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loved it!

Can't wait to experience this with another girl. It would be heaven.

so ****** up

That's crazy

Had a very similar experience with my sister. She was 11 I was 13. Continued on for years, didn't end until I got married.

Think you should share your story xx

That's just ******* awesome! :D

Sweetie-it sounds like these sexual experiences were
visually, physically, and emotionally pleasurable for
both of you!

That's ****** up.

That made my brown chocolate harder lolz. Great writing skill you have.

Great story, hot, and very arousing.

awesome, thx for sharing!

That is happening with me and my step sister, we on the oral sex part but she said soon i will be her first, she is 15 and I am 16 years old, I have the biggest crush on her, she is beautiful

Illegal due to age

It's illegal if he is 18

Thank you for sharing your sweet, sexy story!!!

Omg ;)

Great story! My sister and I had sex throughout our teenage years, and several times after she was married.


I had the same exact thing happen when I was younger. We grew so attached, and we fell in love.


Wow, I'm so jealous of you two. Growing up I always wished that I had a sister that I could have had such a relationship with. I love how things developed over time and with loving feelings behind them.

i bet that felt good to him, when i was reading this it made me hard

good story i would of done the same to you he is a luckey step brother

Great story, you are a really good writer. Makes me wish I had a sister when I was young.

Nice n hot that sounds

Great story! Nice writing, too.

Another comment- not sure on the whole step brother thing, but will say that you are lucky to have had your first time be good. Mine was a 30 second special the morning after my wedding that I could barely feel. I didn't know any better until about 8-9 months later.

im sorry that sounds awful :/ hopefully your sex has improved? and hey he's not technically my brother if that helps..

I like how you use the term "****.". And, you write a nice story.

lol it is what it is. a ****. nothing bad. and thank you

I liked your story.

There is nothing like a loving family to make like so sweet :)

that was a horny read, you must have a nice *****, I wished it was me ******* you. thank for the read.

I'm glad you enjoyed your first time ;)

**** u baby

**** I had sex with my half sister when I was 11 she was 15 it was mad good

It is a sweet experience when its like that.

thank you ^^ that's what i like to hear lol

thank you all for your support ^^

Wow very hot story can't wait to

such a nice story, to be honest...i really arouse ang horny when i red it.....and i dreaming to do the same story.

nice hope to read some more then :D

Nice story, can't wait to more about you two. :)

Great story. I love that you two loved each other and expressed it this way because I was honestly in love with my cousin. I had the pleasure of a sexual relationship with her and I popped her cherry when she was 9 also. I was 10. We had great sex until we were 16 and guilt ended it. :( I sure do miss her.

Very good story.

such details.... thanks

so warm and tingly

I was 12 and sis was 10 when we made love the first time

aww that's sweet ^^

U guys r all ****** crazy

I didn't lose mine until I was 18 and don't recall knowing anything about they hymen and that it would rip. I don't remember bleeding at all with the first guy; he had a pretty slim ****. The second guy was another story.

using tampons can pop it in early teen years or it can just shrivel away lol and i didn't bleed. it was weird

Well, the second guy was enough bigger that it must have torn then, because it did bleed.

o-0 geeze. yeah that can happen. it can be a kink if you're horny enough and into pain ;)

I don't know how horny I was, but this guy had driven halfway across the country to see me. We'd known each other since we were 12 and met on vacation in Florida, so this moment was long-anticipated.

lol just cram it in there! XD well i hope you have a wonderful time.

That's something that happened YEARS ago. I'm a grown woman now; old enough to have kids your age.

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Very hot! And such a great way to lose your cherry mmm

wish i could have *** around his **** the first time but whatever. cherry popping stings lol