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Middle School

It was the last day of 6th grade a really nice day out we get out of school at 1130 . this girl casey is kind of my girlfriend we talk we pecked a little and she told me she likes me. we get out of school and then go out to eat lunch with my friends and her friends. i had gotten a 6 pack of beer and we made plans to go t o her house and drink after school. i had not really gotten drunk before. me casey and her cousin who is a year younger start walking to her house. her parents would be home at about 5 o clock and we sat on her couch and started drinking the beers. they had about 1 each and i had 3 and i was deffinitely feeling it. before we know it all three of use are flirting and we go up to caseys room. i start making out with both of them and i took a chance and felt them up. i was poking through my shorts and her cousin grabs it first. they take it out and both go down on it. i couldnt bust yet but i came 3 times and they just kept going. great start to the summer.
johnnyoceans1 johnnyoceans1 22-25, M Oct 14, 2013

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