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My Cub Scout Camp Over

I was the oldest boy in my cub scout troop and was the most experienced in camping and tents.  We went out on my last camping adventure as i was old enough to go to the next level of scouting.

we had set up camp and got the camp site sorted out,  also we had to show the new boys  were to find the shower block and toilets .  we were able to have 3 boys to a tent and i got to pick my friends to stay with me. 

later that night we got ready for bed and got into our sleeping bagsand did the boy talk as we always did when we camped out.   we were used to seeing each other nude and we knew what each boy had between their legs.   I was uncut and the other boys were circumcised,  so we waited until every one else was asleep and we got our small flashlight out and we also pulled out our dicks and we all began to **********, i was able to shoot my load and the other boys were just getting precum.

we would giggle when we came as another boy in the next tent herd what we were doing and asked us if he could join in,  we said yeh and had a quick one in the shower room the next night .  i could not wait to join the scout troop as my older friend was there as we had some fun already. that will be my next story.

notmyproblem notmyproblem 46-50, M 3 Responses May 25, 2009

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Hi there, thanks for reading my story. yes boys that age will learn a few things at camp and sexual fun was one of them. I knew some boys didn't want to do it or said it was gay to do this kind of activity but when you go through puberty your penis starts talking and wants some action. so I say hell let them enjoy someting special and have a fond time doing it and not get your boxers in a knot if you find them experementing with other boys. Thanks again.

great story! I also have some similar fond memories of boy scout camping trips and summer camp!

how about letting us know what happed there.