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First Time Jacking Off For Someone

When I was...**** I'm not event sure how young...probably like 11 or 12...I was at my cousins house. I have 2 first cousins, both are very attractive athletes. One was a cheerleader, the other is a tennis player. I was staying the night and my cousins had told me that they would get naked if I got naked. See we were sleeping in the basement and their parents were on the top floor. We weren't usually like this but we were all a lil slap happy and it was a HOT summer night. I said it was no big deal and poof! The first time I ever watched a women undress was in my cousins basement.

However the story doesn't end there. See when I got undressed I popped a *****. I couldn't help it. The one who was older than me had great **** at that age and the tennis player had an *** that I will admit, rivals most women I see today. I looked at there little pink nipples and tight little ******* and just let my **** get the best of me. With the both of them stairing down my barrel I just said, "yeah that happens when your a boy." They both laughed and well to be honest...I don't remember. It was such a strange night for me that I can't really piece it together. The next thing I remember is being on my knees in front of them leaning forward on one hand just cranking my **** for them. I vaguely remember something about ****. Oh well.

So here I am, jacking off *** naked for my two cousins. When that feeling comes from deep inside my pelvis and works its way past my balls and down the shaft of my ****. I couldnt help it. I wanted them to understand that all of my hard breathing was because I was so horny looking at their naked bodies. I wanted them to know that I am giving in to them and erupting for them. Not for me, but so they can enjoy my facial contortion and my rock hard **** ******* on their floor.

Now, this is mostly just how I feel when I ***, but this next part I remember explicitly.

Just before I ***, I can see my older cousin on the ground under me spreading her legs taking my **** in and moaning as she feels me **** her like I can't help it. I can see her begging me to **** her harder. Then I see my younger cousin on her hands and knees taking my **** like shes my prisoner. I see her throw her head back and then back down to the ground underneath her shoulders as she takes me in and knows that I will not stop until I have filled her up all nice and stuffed.

I looked down and saw a little pool of my *** on the ground and looked up and my blushing cousins. We went to bed. We don't talk about talk about that night and No I did not act on that earge in that situation.

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I stayed at my uncle's house for six months and both of my elder cousins were 9 to 10 years senior to me.Both wre really very well built,hot and sexy but they were always querrling with each other. I was only 7/8 years old then; thats why I could not know the joy of hugging and kissing since they used to do it with me.<br />
Now we all are aged but I wish I could enjoy their company/ sleeping with them; even now !

where are my cousins.