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Exciting Sex Play with Young Friends

This story is being revised and expanded; consequently it will be broken up into several parts to make easier reading.

During the 1940s and 1950s there was no discussion of sex in public, at least not where kids could hear it. Sex was a non-existent topic in my home also. The only remotely sexual thing my mother ever mentioned was that I should not play with myself because if I did I would go insane and would have to be housed in a mental institution. I took her quite literally, not knowing that she was talking about ************, because I had not heard of ************. But I got the message that I was not supposed to touch my penis.

I was a paperboy throughout junior high school and most of high school, delivering the afternoon edition. Another boy and I both got our newspapers delivered in front of the same apartment building. His route went in one direction and my route in another. He was about my age, a bit smaller in build, a “tough” kid and a smoker. His father was a sailor. One day he brought with him a sort of pornographic comic book with cartoon characters. He showed me one picture of a male figure with a grotesquely large penis standing behind another male figure that was leaning over. The obvious question—what are they doing. The boy told me they were “homos” or “queers” and that is what homos do and that is why they are queer. That was disgusting. So now I knew what sex was and what queers were, and neither sounded very appealing.

When I was 12 my brother (age 10) and I had a small group of friends about our age, and 4 or 5 of us were playing poker, sitting on the floor of an apartment of an 11-year old who parents were not home. The game evolved into ***** poker with each of us trying to protect ourselves from losing enough founds to get completely naked. The 11-year old ultimately lost his last piece of clothing and had to remove his underpants. He tried in vain to shield himself but I could see his penis and I was curious and excited because I had never seen another boy (other than my brother) naked. I wanted to see him naked again, just him and me. Over the next few weeks he and I played ***** poker at his house. It was on the 2nd or 3rd time I think that we were lying on the floor beside each other and we touched each other and play with each other's penis. It was fun and we did it several times after that.  I had no idea about ************ or we would have probably tried it.

In thinking back about these early sex play events I was surprised that so far as I remember I was the initiator, and what surprises me is that I was both bashful and reserved, and initiating these events seems out of character. In subsequent years there were no other occurrences like this until I was in my senior year in high school. We had moved to a small town in a pretty rural area in Ohio about 45 miles from Cleveland. I did some hunting and other outdoor activities, but I did not play sports. Danny was one of my best friends at the time, largely because we had a number of activities that we enjoyed together. He was two years younger than me, but was about my size, and I was less mature than some of my classmates. I spent a lot of time at his house and his family treated me like one of their own. On weekends we spent a lot of time at each other's houses. He had a large attic bedroom with a double bed and when I stayed over at his house he and I slept in the bed together. [It was around 1960 and was taken for granted without much concern.]


We wrestled. We played. We fooled around. We slept in the same bed. Eventually we did back rubs and tickling, rubbing each others arms, legs, and chests. We were very comfortable with each other. After a while I would run my hand over his stomach, brush over his briefs and down the inside of his thighs. His increasing erection would be obvious, but he would lie on his back, relaxed. Eventually I would slip my hand under the elastic waist band of his briefs, gently massage his abdomen, slowly slide my hand down until I felt his pubic hair, brush through that and get to his erect penis. After gently touching his penis and moving my hand up and down the shaft, I would slide his briefs off to expose his genitals. Danny did the same for me. Sometimes we were covered with the sheet, at least initially, but often (unless it was too cold in the attic) we would remove the covers entirely so that we were fully exposed. The mechanics were pretty much the same each time. I liked to slide my fingers very softly and slowly up and down the length of the shaft of his penis, not enough to do more than create wonderful electric sensations and cause the precum to flow, but not enough to begin the excitement of the final countdown to ***********.


At first we jacked each other serially, I *********** him very slowly to see how long I could keep him on the edge, but after he ********** over his stomach and my hand I would roll over on my back and he would ********** me, at first slowly but then with ever increasing speed until I felt like I would explode. Very soon we learned to ********** each other at the same time. He would lie to my right so that I could reach him with my left hand, and he could reach me with his right. We were mostly on our backs, but leaning slightly into each other so that we were both comfortable. Danny was circumcised, I was not circumcised, and I learned that it was easier to ********** if you were uncircumcised. If I held Danny's penis loosely on the shaft just below the head the skin was loose enough so I could slide it just a bit over his head, enough to give him good sensations. We were both very considerate of the other's needs and tempo. I could feel Danny's intensity increase as I stroked gently and as we felt each other's increasing readiness we each increased the tempo of our stroke. We got so good at sensing each other's intensity and slowing or speeding up as necessary that we almost always were able to have a simultaneous climax. It was exciting. There is no feeling like it. We continued this off and on for two years. During the second year I was in college about 100 miles away and we got together on weekends when I came home. Once we did it when we were out hunting and had stopped to rest. Another time we did it when we were out on a family camping trip, in a tent trailer. But most of the time we did it at home in Danny's double bed. It ended when Danny joined the army out of high school. I haven't seen him since.

At no time did either of us consider that we were gay or that we were engaging in gay sex. It was just fun among boys. I haven't engaged in mutual ************ since then but often I have thought about it and longed for the intimacy and pleasure of those days. Both of us are married and have children and grandchildren. For some time after those mutually pleasurable days I worried that I might be harboring some deep down homosexual tendencies. But then I reminded myself that I have no interest in having sex with males, if that means penetrating another's body—I cannot conceive of giving oral sex to a man, or having anal sex with anyone male or female—although I admit that I might not object to receiving oral sex from a male because it sounds like it could be exciting. So I am not gay, but under the right circumstances [a younger attractive guy that I liked] I would probably agree to mutual ************.


Does anyone out there feel the same way? I would enjoy sharing your experiences, just as I hope you have enjoyed mine.  Since writing this a few years ago I have considered my feelings and I think if I had known a bit more about sex, and if the circumstances were such that I could admit to liking boys, that I may have concluded that I may be gay or at least bisexual.  I have concluded that I am a lot more attracted to uncircumcised males.  The look is more appealing to me, since I am uncircumcised, and the feelings are much more intense.

If there are other uncircumcised males out there that would like to communicate and share their experiences privately, you can reach me at dionysus [at] mail dot org.

curmudgeon curmudgeon 70+, M 32 Responses Jan 2, 2010

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Good post. You recall it so vividly.Had a prfound effect on you,as it would anyone so young.

Hi, Your story is so close to mine.... message me


Nice experience story, thanks for sharing with us....

That was a taboo to talk about growing up even in the early 1960s remember in March 1960, we ask my girl friends mother how we would be able to make love and the look upon her face, we were just 12 years old. but we all knew it was going to happen, the answer she gave us was she had to think about it.

A few days later she did answer the question, but we were allowed to tell no one.

Simultaneous connectedness with another similar to one's self and at the same time being physically also embedded inside the warmth and wettness of an intimate shared female lover you both trust and share this with can spoil you, as It did me so long ago as an adolescent, and you may surpress the sensuality and surreal bond that can evolve from such uniqueness, but it will be missed and remembered allways.

I was staying at an Aunt and Uncles for a time being and I had 3 cousins. 1 girl, a year younger then me, and 2 boys, 2, and 3 years younger. One day I was walking up the stairs and I heard a moan coming from my girl cousins room and I popped my head in to see if she was hurt, and she was lying on her bed with only a shirt on and fingering herself like mad. I was old enough to know exactly what she was doing as I had been ************ for some time as well. She had her eyes closed and was into what she was doing she hadn't heard me coming up. I stepped into her room and the floor creaked and she opened her eyes and saw me and instantly started crying. I went over to her bed shushing her, thinking that I was going to get in trouble for making her cry. So I told her she had nothing to worry about, I played with myself all the time, it was normal. So she stopped crying and asked me about how I played with myself and we talked some, and I asked her if I could see her vagina, as I was 14 and had never seen one up close and real. So she opened her legs and let me look at it. She then took my hand and put it on her lips and encouraged me to feel it, then she directed me on how to stick my finger in her like she was doing and told me how to play with her. So after doing this for awhile we hear one of her brothers coming up the stairs and she covered herself with a blanket and I pulled out and sat on the edge of the bed. He stopped in her room and asked what I was doing and we said we were just talking. So he decides to stand there talking to us and she catches my hand with the heel of her foot and I look at her and she is trying to get my hand moving back towards her vagina. So I lean over and while talking to her brother I slide my finger back in her and start picking up where we left off. A couple of times she let out a moan or a squeal and her brother asked what is wrong with you? And she said nothing and kept my hand locked into her vagina with her foot. So then my Aunt called up the stairs that dinner was ready and her brother goes downstairs and she gets out of bed and kisses me and says to come see her after everyone is asleep. So that night I sneak over but she tells me we are right over her parents room and we have to go to the boys room. So we sneak back and while her two brothers are sleeping 3 feet from us we get naked and lay in the bed. She positioned me outside of her vagina and I try to enter her but only the soft head of my penis is going in. She says I'm in, I said I'm not and it hurt like hell. If I only knew about spitting on it to get it wetter then we for certain would have taken each others virginity that night, but one of her brothers rolled over in his bed and made a noise so she grabbed her panties and went back to her room. We never fooled around again. Although a few days later one of her brothers and I tried oral sex with each other on a dare and liked it and did it a few times together. one time she actually watched us and said it was hot and made her wet. I should have jumped her at that point. Live and learn.

very horny tale, i can understand exactly why you wish you'd seen it through.

Your experiences and feelings are almost exactly like mine growing up in the 50's and 60's. I had friends just as you described, and I so miss those times, those friendships, those special times together. We did pretty much the same things you did. We talked about anal sex; even tried it once, but we weren't smart enough to think of using vasceline, and it really hurt just trying to get started - so we never tried that again. What we did do though, was to fill the other guys butt crack with spit - then slid our **** in the slippery crack till we came - that we both liked doing. Never wanted to push it into the hole though. We decided that was disgusting. Yuk!

I never tried anal and had no interest in it, always thought it was disgusting, but I now appreciate that it is a turn on for many--but I sure would love to renew my interest in mutual ************ with another guy.

That sounds like a wonderful time, I would love to slip my hand inside anothers underwear.

You really brought back memories. When I was 10 I met a boy in my grade who was also an immigrant, so we hit it off and visited each other. He was the same age. One day we walked in the woods and he mentioned how hi boss (he was already working) showed him how to make his penis feel good. So, that night I had to try and to my surprise he was right.

Later we talked about it again and did it together. This went on for a few years until I left home and didn't see him. I never considered myself gay although many years later on a trip I had a terrible desire to meet a young boy to play with. But that never happened.

Wow, you had lots of fun;
I was six and played with my girl cousin, 7 and her brother, 10
He would get us to play ***** poker. we had lots of fun stripping, looking, touching and he had heard about ******* so he and his sister tried it to show me. He didn't have an erection yet so it didn't last long. We used to go skinny dipping in the creek by our farm also. then they moved to town and that was the last of it.
I had a friend in fourth grade. we played together all the time. one day he was over and no one was home and I told him about this experience and asked him if he wanted to play ***** poker and I had it in my mind to play with his penis. I never thought of it as gay and wouldn't do that now but he said he wasn't interested so it wasn't brought up again.. I have no interest in men now, however in a group with women I wouldn't care if If a man touched me, as long as there was a female involved. I get so horny ************ that I have this fantasy of another couple we know in a foursome and Only with him and her and my wife does it ever enter my mind.

This is difficult. I think in images not words so organising thoughts into writting isn't easy.
Earliest memories of sexual activity, five years old, ************ with a soaped up combination sponge/scouring pad in the kitchen.

First attmpted hetrosexual vaginal intercourse, five with my four year old cousin while my four year old brother watched along with the cousins six and five year old sisters. Caught by our mothers, brother and myself locked in the tool shed.

First attempted hetrosexual anal intercourse, five with five year old girl mum looked after while the girls mother was working, my brother watching waiting his turn. Caught by paternal grandmother, told off.

First attempted to finger a girl at five, same girl mum looked after. She was lubed, dialated with an erect ****. Skin flushed, breathing deeper and faster, in to it. Caught by my mother. Told off.

First ****** at seven. Genital rubbing with the same cousin then six years old. We were sharing her bed. First she tried to push me off, but I got right back on, laying beside her was driving me crazy. My heart was thumping so hard it hurt, I could hear it in my ears, it was going so fast it sounded more like an engine than an organ. My penis litterally seemed to be buzzing. Second time I got on her I started to hump her, she didn't push me off. ****** was a surprise, the only thing I could think in terms of words is blue steel electric. I rolled off, she turned to me and said, "Could you do that again? It felt really good!" So on I got again, ****** again, big smile on her face. Across the room sharing a bed, my brother and her sister. They tried it to. My brother asked to swap, ok, swaped, squeeking bed springs alerted their mother. Caught again.

At around nine years old propersitioned by two female older cousins, 14 and 15. They had dropped their panties and wanted me to touch them. I turned them down, pubic hair turned me off. Brother disappointed he was up for it.

From 9 untill 11 years old, fondeling and mutual ************ at primary school with a number of girls; 2 were sisters one year different in age from each orther eldest one year younger than me, their friend three years younger than me, and two other boys; my brother and his friend one year younger than me.

At 23, I was looking after my 6 year old brother and a 6 year old girl. I was reading a broadsheet newspaper on the lounge room floor. I often engaged in hourse play with my younger brother and this time the girl wanted to join in. You can't play rough with a little girl, so tickleling instead. But my little brother didn't really know how to do that so I end up teaching. Tickleling leads to fondelling. There's this girl, on her back, on the lounge room floor, tank top, short shorts, skin flushed, breathing deep, legs open. I think, this is going somewhere that we can't go, so back to the newspaper. My brother kept at it but he wasn't giving her what she wanted, so with a sigh she rolled away from him and off to get the leggo.

After that untill I was thirty years old nothing. I was chased by one other guy in the boy scouts but I just wasn't interested. For a few months at thirty I had a male sexual partner, I loved giving him head. I once got him off twice in around five minuets. But then I left for China and met my wife. We have been seperated now for 14 months and haven't had sex in 26 months. I'm a neuro-atypical, I have a lot of trouble with feelings, my own and other peoples. I never seem to notice if someone is interested, or what they want. No good at relationships because people need you to read non verbal cues.

Too bad you got caught so many times when you were small. Otherwise you might have some fun tales to tell.

don't have an affair, your wife will catch you for sure. such bad luck.
It seems everytime I was going to get lucky someone came in

My friends and I began fondling one another when we were still pre-teens,and I can't speak for them,but as for myself,I REALLY liked doing it(and later oral things,too)was well aware what guys who did such things were called,yet never felt like doing anything else with any other sex.

all boys go through this stage of life and all give similar accounts, I suppose it is all part of growing up, but a friend of mine at school had been cut so tight ly that just an erection would hurt so much that he never could ********** fully, has anyone else had a similar experience

thank you for sharing your good memories. i couldnt help feeling hard. i had some similar experiences when i was 10 to 15 years old that i will write about some time later

Hurry up :-)

Thanks for the responses. I am surprised that there were so few responses indicating similar experiences. I had heard that such experiences were relatively common. This past summer I had an unexpected experience with a male. I had a massage and the masseur (male!) asked if I wanted a "happy ending" -- and after thinking about it for half a minute I said yes, and he *********** me. It brought back happy memories--and when I am on vacation next summer I may see him again!

It seems mainly simply a matter of curiosity & pleasure, when young.
The thought of anal sex is gross to kids when they think of poop on the weenie.
I think they instinctively realize that is gross & unnatural.

nice story, thanks

good story. 3 young boys raped me when i was 8 year old.i like gay sex.many young boys had sex with me my 6-12 year i made a gay boy.

Hi Sanjay - If I understand you correctly, you seem to be saying that the rape you experienced when you were 8, and sex with other boys when you were quite young, made you gay. If that is what you intend, you should know that an experience of rape or sex with other kids DID NOT MAKE YOU GAY. If you are gay, you were born with a greater interest in males than it females.

When you say 'rape' do you mean they forced themselves on you (or into you)? Was the experience unpleasant? Whether it was or not I agree with curmudgeon that it didn't 'make you gay'. It may have made you realize you were earlier than you would have otherwise. (Anyway didn't you say you had had sex with other boys two years before the 'rape'?)

danm, thanks for sharing, thats a full part of a human child story i could have missed out, a very interesting one, so you had fun in the old days, good memories thankfully relived, by your writting, in other peoples mind

Hi Curmudgeon,<br />
You and I are of the same age group. I,like you,was told by my parents,I would suffer mentally,''Playing with my...f. So far,it's not happened yet.<br />
Only once did I try any mutual mastur...ion with a friend. We were both kids and it ended in fits of laughter as I tried stroking his penis. He said it tickled too much. As I said,we were only youngsters.<br />
Your story though is very well written and stimulating. I only wish the only time I tried it with my friend,it would have turned out better. I and another friend did mastur..te together on the local railway station once.

Hi Curmudgeon,<br />
You and I are of the same age group. I,like you,was told by my parents,I would suffer mentally,''Playing with my...f. So far,it's not happened yet.<br />
Only once did I try any mutual mastur...ion with a friend. We were both kids and it ended in fits of laughter as I tried stroking his penis. He said it tickled too much. As I said,we were only youngsters.<br />
Your story though is very well written and stimulating. I only wish the only time I tried it with my friend,it would have turned out better. I and another friend did mastur..te together on the local railway station once.Also,a friend's dad played with me and me him. That went on to great things with he and his wife.

Great story, thanks for sharing, I got hard reading this, I gues I was waiting for the end where you both gave oral sex to each other but it was a fantastic story.

Hi,<br />
I too had sexual events happen to me when I was about 9 or 10,by a man,the father of one of my friends. We would go into the ba<x>sement of their house. He would touch me between my legs,over my pants,at first. As he became aware I was aroused,he would remove my pants and undies,rub my bottom and back at the same time as my penis. It may sound like child molestation,I suppose it was,now I think back,but I found it felt very good. He would bring me to a full ending...WOW! He would invite me to play with him after,which I did. I was never forced to do anything I did'nt want to do. Later,he told me his wife also liked kids. I learned a lot about sex from her which stood me in good stead in later life. I did enjoy those times and often think about them,in bed.

i wish i had your luck of having a man and a woman to teach you how to enjoy your body as a kid

You say you don't think of yourself as Gay, but you discovered the joy<br />
& freedom of "lovemaking", (not always penetration), between 2 men.<br />
No "head games" no pressure to perform, and each of you knows<br />
exactly how to make the other "pop" at the same time, increasing the<br />
bond & joy of love between you.<br />
This is what you almost never hear. Hollywood has done the Gay<br />
community a great disservice. Plus, you guys did what was expected<br />
of you in those days: date girls, get married, have kids. But guess<br />
where you were the happiest and had the best times of your lives?<br />
Cheers to you, Curmudgeon! It was BETTER BACK THEN in just<br />
about every way.

Yes, Kulshady, it was better back then -- innocent, fun, relaxing, no guilt -- anybody else have any experiences like this...?

yes remember 1960 / 61 very well <br />
<br />
that was when i found out my best friend was really a girl<br />
<br />
and we started toplay with words in bed with each other ittl grauduation from the 8th grade then was the morning we made love for the first time with both words and actions<br />
<br />
but that time do to seearil thing i was living with her and her mother full time we would be married a few months later in dec out of love and noother reason as both of us could no have kids so we made a good pair<br />
<br />
but she was killed in 1967

How wonderful for you both to become soul mates and lovers like that and how dreadful to hear of the outcome. My condolences to you rickibrat2. My heart goes out to you.

My condolences to you for your great lose.

Amazing similarity especially the turn taking back rubs leading to mutual more open exploring and *******.<br />
Was 12 then and it never included any oral but nakedness spoon fashion as we pleasured more than backs did introduce us to sliding against bare bottoms and the sensations that could bring. Almost wish I'd never discovered this level of carefreeness. The next summer we expanded our secret to include an older girl but remained very into all being connected.<br />
,I honestly had blocked all this in my mind until my 40s. Guess it's no mystery why I love my mfm life long friends.

Interesting stories, I never thought about any of the boys I knew doing things like that.

awesome story. i've had similar experiences and feel the exact same way as you. im not gay, but mutual ************ with another guy is hot. i wouldn't ever do anal with a guy, or suck a guy. however, i have recieved a couple blow jobs from randoms. it was hot.

I went to summer boys camp at 12 13 and we had circle jerks where we gave each other a hand job, had contest that were who is the fastest, longest, shoot how far, never went for oral or *** but heard about, never did or wanted to

i think back on my childhood friend and we camped in his backyard. Pretty much the same stuff you did. naked, touching, fun. Not gay. Havent done it since. But the older i get the more i think about it.