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I Had Sex When I Was Underage

I was just 13 when this happened to me, i was at school and had no friends. there was a girl in a higher grade who was 17 years old and she looked gorgeous and i thought she was my friend. i always was with her when i had the chance, but we where never alone and her friends always embarrassed me. but one day i had my luck, she was at the lake at a secret spot some people only knew about. she was reading a book and had no bikini-top on. i slowly walked over to her from behind and when i was very close to her she turned hear head and saw me she quickly putted the book down and covered her breasts with a towel. i sat next to her and said ''hello'', she didn't said anything in the beginning. then she said hi to me and we started to talk about school and other stuff. she asked me if it was oke if she uncovered her breasts again, i said ''sure go ahead'' so she got the towel off her and i began to watch at her breasts the whole time. she seemed to notice and asked if i enjoyed the view, i thought she mend it bad but she smiled and asked if i ever seen a naked woman of her age i said no. she asked me if i wanted to feel her breasts i said no but she guided my hand to her already, it felled so nice to touch them. then  we remained still for some minutes, she said she had to leave soon but she wanted me to put of my swimming trunks. then i stood there fully naked and she began to give me a *******. then we had all sorts of sex and then she left. this is the first time i tell it to anyone

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oh, well done at such a lovely young age

great story.. Those first times only happen once ant the impact lasts a life time. the first hairy was when my step sis began growing pubes.

Nice! :)

Great story! I'm 15 myself and I wish I could experience something like this one day soon! :D

Hey, if anyone wants to have sex with me, I'm free. I <br />
Iive in 20 Frenchal Bay in Launceston. :) I'm a girl btw.


what time

Got any pics?

Whats your number

Would love to chat babylux

You do hear this too often...... lol

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I wish I had something as hot as that at that age happen to me.

i want to have sex is anyone interested? i live in cornwall...

Sex is awsome! I havent had sex in 5yrs.

sure when r u going?

when r u going then?

Got any pics?

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U really need to check ur spelling and grammar.

good sex is where u find it.i hope u have not made the mistake of getting married when u were an adult as it usually ruins the sex

think i was about 8 or 9 can;t really remember but was at theses to lil girls that lived across the way from us & they wanted me to play house with them & of course being that young i said surre ,not evening knowin what the hell playin HOUSE was :( lol but then the one for some reason put on a see threw nitie & said its time for mommy & daddy to take a nap :) lol so we climb in to her moms bed & i still had on my t-shirt & shorts on but to this day can almost remember my lil boys **** gettin a lil hard & wondern whyyy?? lol

a *******. <br />
More details would spice your story up!

you all are a bunch of pedaphiles

That is some experience, I enjoyed reading it well...

The memories of my early sex experiences keep me seually alive. My neighbors daughter asks me about sex and intercourse and i can tell what I did at her age.

Exactly what I was thinking.

hi wanna trade picks with me?


Sure girlygirlooo ... Tasteful tasty pics I hope

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I was 8 and so was she. We were too dumb to know exactly what we were doing and we didn't even ***. But we did know that it was very, very nice and incredibly exciting. She certainly introduced me to a world I never knew to have existed. It had me rather sexually confused for some years after that, but time sorts out these things. Funny how this fumbled first time experience still remains so clear after all this time...

Damn I wish that had happened to me.

That must have been the coolest thing ever!

She must be a good teacher.Must have Learnt every possible things to explore,

All sorts of sex - what does that mean? Positions, holes...what?

You are a lucky boy. It nice to be educated early.

What education? Certainly not English!

who cares ,he made his point ,thats all that matters