I am a Gemini, so I like to switch from person to person, all the time. I have a huge crush on somebody until I date them, then I get really bored, really quickly. There is this one guy, though, who I have liked for over a year, and he's actually became really close to everybody in the friend group now. Well last summer, we had a fling, but never actually dated. Now he has a girlfriend, who I am actually friends with. The other night I slept over at his house, and well, let's just say that clothes became an option. We started kissing and such, then, well, my hands went places, followed by my mouth. It was kind of awkward because, he's my best friend. To be completely honest, though, we both kept a light mood about it, and even joke about it, but it's only between us. His girlfriend still doesn't know, and I honestly don't feel that bad. And we're both in high school.
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I'm a fellow Gemini and I'm the same way( as far as wanting someone badly and once you experience them it's not as intense). I believe our zodiac sign contributes to that side of our personality.
But I'm a very sexual person so that doesn't help either.

How old are you? Why are you still in high school?


Ok i give up