2/23/09 Surgery Date

I do not have any allergies. Usually around the change of seasons, in the fall and spring, I have a few weeks when I use decongestants for a few days or weeks. I can breathe through my nose ok during the day. My nose locks up at night when I am trying to go to sleep. I can NOT sleep with my mouth open. After a few weeks I am back to normal.

Late in August of 2008 my problem started again. It started out the usual way but then it got worse. My nose locked up during the day and decongestant pills did not work. My wife got me Afrin. A few sprays and I could breathe again. I did not know that you can only use Afrin for a few days. it is addicting. Over time you will need more to achieve the same effect. After two months I went to my regular doctor. He gave me a prescription for Nasonex and astelin and I got better. I was not using Afrin. Then my condition came back. I started to use diluted afrin. I called it oceanfrin since I was mixing afrin with saline nasal  spray-ocean. I went to see an ENT. She put me on an antibiotic and nasonex and pantanase and I got better. She was upset that I was using afrin.  Then my condition came back. I got a catscan of my sinuses which showed some sinus disease and a diviated nasal septum. I saw the ENT and I scheduled my surgery.

I felt kind of funny about having to have the surgery. There really was not much wrong with my sinuses. I felt that I had caused my problem by using afrin for too long. If surgery would cure my condition then It is ok. Just because I some how might have cause my own problem does not mean I have to suffer for the rest of my life.

The surgeon said that the surgery would take 30 minutes. As it turned out it took an hour. My nose had three fractures not just one. One of the turbinates-soft tissue in the sinus-was larger then she thought. I had a real problem. I had been able to cope with the problem for years. Suddenly, starting last August the problem got out of control and the only cure was surgery. I had not caused my problem by over using afrin. I fely better about having the surgery and missing work.

I am having a good recovery. I used "drip pads" yesterday. I do not need them today. I was able to sleep last night. I am allowed to use straight afrin for two more days. Hopefully, I will be able to sleep Thursday night. I can not blow my nose until Thursday.

I am thinking about going back to work on thursday or friday even though I requested the entire week off for sick time. I will see how I feel.

The worst part is I can not exercise on my treadmill for two weeks. I usually do 4 miles at a 5.2 mile pace. My wife suggested that I could do a few miles at a slower pace. I think I will try that tomorrow.

steve824 steve824
66-70, M
Feb 24, 2009