She had pretty blond hair, she was standing in front of me in a line. I kept looking at her hair, wanting to run my fingers through it. I finally could not stand it, I had to talk to her.
susanwarfie susanwarfie
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I started chatting with her, telling jokes and what not. She enjoyed it, she kept turning around to look at me, to talk to me. I wanted to do so much more.....its tough being a guy, if you get to forward it gets shut off so quickly, and you are always the bad person.

I was noticing how she was doing things that give you away in a crush, how she was touching her neck, how she was thrusting her hips forward, how she was constantly shaking her hands, any part of her body, just to keep my attention, looking over her shoulder to see if I was looking.....I was. She actually started dancing in front of me shaking her body in front of me, explaining she liked the song on the radio. I did not need an explanation, I was just enjoying the view. Oh god, it turned me on so much....and I could not do anything about, just look, view, and observe. Afterward I did look for her, I wanted her number....its just that there were other people I knew in the store, I had to leave. God it sucks to be a guy.

Why? Unless you're married then it does suck but you did the right thing.