I Think My Aunt Was Murdred

I think my aunt was murdered and I don't know how to prove it.
My aunt thought she had married her husband twice once when the minister died on the way to deliver the license and secondly last year but it was a not a true ceremony unannounced to her. but really didn't...long story then she dies two months later of a drug overdose with her pain meds- she had bone degenerative disease. Her husband orders that there be no autopsy and that she is buried under his last name-the wrong name. He was caught laughing and her son too laughing during her funeral and not grieving. I know, I know, there could be explanations for it right? except... in my family there is 36, 000 acres of baja property being contested over. You tell me what to think.....?
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update..just talked to my mother about it...my uncle and her son have been drinking himself to death over guilt and refuses to receive money from her settlement with the hospital over sending her home with no care too early. I think he is not grieving but drinking himself to forget the guilt of killing her.

Unfortunately I am across the country and my mother has raised questions....I don't know what more I could do with the situation except I gave my mother some information on Private Investigators. I believe it would be pretty hard to prove...especially since they had her cremated...she was a mormon and they are against cremation and suicide....so you tell me if it's F'up situation.

Cremated!? I guess they really did covered their tracks. I thought she was buried and I know they always dig up the bodies if an autopsy is needed. That's too sad.

yes, they did...didn't they. She has a plaque in a mausoleum with the wrong name and her death cert is wrong too but she was cremated and had her ashes scattered. And yes that's not a typo we really have 36,000 acres and our family has been fighting over it for decades. been in our family for more then 150 yrs.

I definitely do believe something is really suspicious here. Can you try to get more involved to have the investigators do an autopsy? How can a husband not want tests done on her cause of death? Something's not right here.