My Child-hood Best Friend

We were 9 years old and best friends. We met at school and had such a laugh together.

All i remember about the day was walking to school. A few people looked sad and i saw one guy in my class crying. As we all sat down i realized our tutor was also crying. She told us we were having a special assembly in a few minutes.

When we got to the assembly hall, all the tutors were stood at the front. Heads bowed. They told us that last night a terrible accident happened that took the lives of Grace Bond, her younger brother Fraser and her mum and dad. 

I couldn't understand. It was so hard to take in. My best friend.... gone?

Later, from newspapers, we found out Grace's dad had killed them all. He suspected her mother of having an affair and in sheer anger, strangled the mother to death. He then went upstairs and smothered Grace and Fraser with a pillow and then finally killed himself by gassing himself out in his car.

What a coward. I hate him for the lives he has taken and the many other lives he has ruined from now on. The only thing that gives me peace is knowing that she didn't have to wake up to a murdered mother and live with the pain of that for the rest of her life. She may not be here with all of us but at least she has her mum and brother. Im glad she's not alone. They're also free from a monster who hopefully has gone to an even worser place than hell.

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I'm not saying this is a 'man' thing but it seems to be an on-going thing for a lot of men to kill their wife and kids and then themselves. I've heard SO many cases about this. It's just one of the most selfish things anyone can do. I just...What is wrong with people...

Oh dear :-S sorry to hear that. I guess that would be man slaughter, unless she knew it could cause a fatal attack. That's bad. Some people...

If Being given Viagra when you have a heart condition counts? Then my father in law was murdered by a *****!

Estiban - sorry to hear of your friend also. It would be harder to handle having had those many more years of bonding together. Can't believe he was taken over some pranks. If that had to be the case in this world, we would have no teens or children left! Everyone plays pranks. This man must have had a terrible anger problem. He does deserve more than the measly 15 years he was sentenced. <br />
<br />
Justmeonline - Divorce would have been the easy and, now more, delightful option that he could have gone for! Unfortunately some people have the idea "if i can't have them, no-one else can". He must have been terribly unstable and had low self-esteem. He deserved prison and a lot of mental help. <br />
I'm on this site to be helped and help others. I know my life experiences and the way i have dealt with things could help me shed some inspiration on people. i have done everything alone and have come out stronger for it. I hope to tell people to do this also. As scary as the idea seems.

i know your pain. one day i was sitting at home watchin tv and doin the usual, and i got a text from a friend saying my friend ryan was shot while driving home from the golf course. at first i thought it was a joke, i couldnt believe it. i turned the channel over to the news and the first thing i saw was my friend ryans face on the news. the man who had shot him shot him because they were playing pranks on some of the people at the golf course, so he followed him home and shot him in the back of the head 2 blocks from his house. all for a prank. some days i wish i could visit him in jail and have 5 minutes alone with him. he only got sentenced to 15 years because it wasn't pre-meditated. the news hit me hard and i was unable to function for several weeks, its almost been 2 years since it happened but it still effects me on a daily basis. im really sorry that you had to go through that experience