" I Had Someone Kick Me When I Was Down"

    I have had someone Kick me when I was down. I had someone who I Loved very much. Someone I had looked up to. Someone who I had let into my heart. She knew I was hurting over Losing a friend, and along with it, she blew up on me, and brought me lower to the ground, and totally deserted me, when I needed her the most, but not before she made sure, that I was left wounded, and broken, and holding on for dear life. She has done this to others before, and if I wasn’t so stupid, and thick-headed, and steered cleared of her, I would Have never gotton hurt in the 1st place.

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1 Response Feb 24, 2010

A experience learned in the real world. Did you learn from this, or do you want more. Forget about her and move on, or you will die.