It Wasn't Meant To Be

Because of my actions I lost a very dear friend. I could not find it in my hear to forgive.

So for those of you that have good solid friendships and relationships.

Remmember that no one is perfect we all have our faults.

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2 Responses Feb 26, 2010

If you love someone, the heart already speak for you. The hurt will go away, but so will the friend, what a learning experience of friendship. Even though it is their fault and problem to deal with, at least you tried first to give grace.

Your simple fault is that you did not forgive a friend. <br />
Sure, it is not your fought, and sure your friend made a big time mistake, but it an't murder, killing, or abuse of the dog. Ore you the judge, jury and executor? <br />
Now the problem is on you because you cannot forgive, can you change that, yes.<br />
So, what is the delay in saying I AM Sorry first. You may get a nice reply, or just let it go.