Making Sense Of Sudden Disppearances

About a year ago I experienced a sudden disappearance of someone I saw. It was a young man with long, wavy dark hair driving behind me.  I was observing him in my rear view mirror when he suddenly vanished into thin air.

After reading Neuilly's stories in this group earlier today I brought the subject up for discussion with my husband over afternoon tea.  He reminded me of an incident he experienced just a couple of months ago while I was away.  He was lying in bed one night when a man suddenly appeared at the foot of the bed.  My husband sat up startled and said, "Who the hell are you?" but the man disappeared.  My husband was able to give an exact description of the man's height, age, complexion and hair colour.

My husband also mentioned an incident that happened with one of his cousins.  This lady worked at a local hotel.  One night as she was coming up the back stairs, she saw a lady wearing period costume, standing on the stairs.  She stopped and stared at the woman wondering why she was dressed this way, when the woman suddenly disappeared.  

For many weeks she said nothing, fearing what others would think of her.  It played on her mind and freaked her out so much that she decided to quit the job.  But before she left she told the manager of the hotel what had happened.  He said, "Oh yes.  Others have seen the woman too; you are not the only person who has experienced it."

My husband and I tried to make sense of these occurrences and this is what we came up with.  In each instance, the appearance of this person has happened to a Catholic, or someone who is the friend of a Catholic.  We are quite certain these are departed souls who have been permitted to appear in the hope of finding someone kind enough to have prayers and sacrifices made for their release from Purgatory.  The answer, I think, is to have a Mass said.  

Just my opinion, and can't hurt to try.

Since writing this story I had another experience.  Yesterday afternoon I was lying down on my bed having a rest when suddenly I woke up and saw standing right in front of me very close to the bed the same young man who I saw driving when he suddenly vanished.  I did not feel threatened in any way but I was somewhat shocked.  His appearance only lasted for a couple of seconds then he vanished again.  I cannot help but feel that this happened because I was just recently thinking about it and he was trying to remind me and prompt me to have a Mass said for the repose of his soul.
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or perhaps the man is trying to warn you..instead of being afraid, simply ask ..what do you want?..Am I able to help you? or are you here to help me? And simply listen..see if you hear anything. Leave a paper and pen out, and ask this being to write a message if he can.

Because the person is visble as a person, i would handle it differently than a shadow person..Shadow things are very evil looking and i don't trust them..They are all black, and basicly are a black mass and have the shape of a human..I have a shadow being in my home..So i bless the home....a lot.

I have had this happen to me a few times throughout my life. But one young man in particular came to me 3 different times. It felt as though our two dimensions crossed for a sec and he was as shocked to see me as I was him. Weird, unexplainable phenomenon.

This is a very interesting story. I have a different slant for consideration. Perhaps these people are angels who are watching over the people who have seen them. One never knows.

What an interesting read.