L5s1 Spinal Fusion On 3/20/12

I am 22 years old and was in a bad car accident in Dec of 2009, causing many problems, but the main problem was my back. I have literally gone through every treatment and tried it all. I have a blog about ny story/experience which I will post the link at the bottom of this post. I only found horror stories while looking before I had my surgery and my hope in starting a blog is to help people relate or find info/help. The fear and anxiety before surgery is normal, I think you'd be crazy not to be scared and hearing "oh it'll be okay", "don't be scared" etc from others doesn't help, but hearing it from someone who had the surgery is different...everyone has a different experience, but if you have a surgeon you trust and are comfortable with, it makes everything a lot easier. You're not alone and in my eyes, if you have dealt with back pain, you know its horrible, and I personally think that you can deal with the pain of surgery knowing that once its done, you will be better than before and hopefully back to normal. Good luck to everyone, and please read my blog::


AliciaNW AliciaNW
May 7, 2012