Removing Hard Ware With The Possibility Of A Refusion

first off i would like to describe me in the past(@ 35). I am an oilfield worker on the drilling rig itself. I worked the oil patch for 13 years with out any accidents to myself beside bumps and bruises(comes with the territory). I was in prime condition, till one day i went to help a rig out with an inexperienced driller on the brake handle. I ended up having to pull over 300# slips by myself one time and pinched a nerve is what i thought. I tried to shake it off and continued working. The rig had things going wrong that they had to shut down operations. I told the driller i was going to smoking area for a smoke and he said ok. I went down stairs in the most pain I had ever felt got to the smoking area and sat down. I tried to get up and the pain was more intense than before so i reported to the supervisor and he told me to take myself to the emergency room to get check out. To my supprise there was nothing they could see on xray. Went to occupational doctor the very next day and he ordered MRI. MRI showed a 8mm tear in the disc between L5-S1. He took me off work and told me to take it easy for a week and come back to see him the following week. i had thought that would fix it so i complied. during the next week i started having pains down my rt leg, which i still have today, never had gone away. So the occupational dr ordered a steroid injection, wanted to see if that helped which it did not. Six months after all the trial an error i was sent to a orthopedic surgeon. He looked over my MRI and insisted I needed surgery to correct the spondylosis thesis (wore out hinges on the vertibraes) after numerous x-rays he told me i had 7mm shift forward and backwards side to side and recommended surgery to correct this. i agreed after seeing with my own two eyes. Had the surgery done, was told it would be six to eight weeks before i would feel any real relief(that didn't happen.) Two and a half month later i was in more pain than from the start so i returned to the surgeon and he ordered a ct scan and it appeared to be fractured in all directions, but a fusion was still in the works. so worker compensation said not life threatening no new surgery. on April 3 2012 had a hardware injection and if i got any relief at all my body was having reaction to the hard ware. I got some relief and again i was denied a surgery. On april 24 i had another ct scan that reveled no fusion had taken place. I am now scheduled for another surgery to remove the hard ware an do the fusion process over yhe pain has gotten so bad i am in tears every day and night . I would like to know if any one has had anything simular done and did it help i have less than a week to decide.
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I hope you have a really good workman's comp atty. It sounds like you are getting shafted. I don't see how they could deny you surgery if that is what the doctors say is needed. Good luck! I hope it relieves the pain.