Spinal Fusion And Me!!

Hey everyone Names Mike and i had a spinal fusion of hte l5-s1 back on november 30, 2011. Now the reason why i needed surgery was because i was on a convoy back in iraq in 2010 and was hit by an I.E.D i was in considerable pain when it happened and stayed that way till surgery. Now im in maybe twice as much pain now and taking heavy narcotics to keep the pain to a managable level. It sucks the i had to be one of those ones that has a negative experience. But I would encourage anyone to exhaust all options before choosing surgery, dont let surgeons tell you that surgery is the only option when you havent tried anything else. I hope that everything gets better and i dont end up regretting this proccess. On hte plus size I im getting medically retired out of the military and will get to go full itme school if my spine permits me!
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1 Response May 18, 2012

Go to a really good Chiropractor after you get discharged. Make sure whomever you go to is a Palmer Chiropractic graduate because they are the best and the only ones I trust with my back. I had the same surgery in 2005 and was messed up to the point that my husband was carrying me to the bathroom to use it and was holding me up in the shower to shower me for a long time after my surgery because of how much pain I was in and how weak I was after my L5-S1 Dynesis Fusion. I was told I would never get any better and that I needed to go on disability by four surgeons and an attorney and I refused. That is when I searched out a great chiropractor and he was able to get me back to normal in less than a year. Heck I went to Cedar Point within 3 months of treatment and the only thing he told me I was not allowed to ever ride again was the wooden roller coasters. I can live with that restriction as long as I can ride everything else and not change my life. I was completely out of pain after he finished his treatments with me. It was not an easy process but it was worth every cent and worth every minute I spent in his office. I continued treatment with him as a precaution afterwards just to maintain my health. I never felt better. Good luck and thank you for serving!