L4-l5 Spinal Fusion?

I went to get a third opinion today from a neurosurgeon regarding my L4-L5 herniated disc. Once again, a spinal fusion was recommended. Twenty years ago I was struck by a falling tree and underwent massive injuries including, but not limited to, an open femur fracture, hip fracture, skull fracture, radius/ulna fractures, kidney contusion, lacerated liver, etc. Needless to say I have had my fair share of surgeries; but for some reason...I'm scared. I'm scared because I feel as if this won't help my back/sciatica pain, and I feel like if it fails, my mental state will continue to disintegrate. I am 22 years old and weight approximately 120 pounds. If anyone (it doesn't matter if we're the same size) has ANYTHING to share, I would greatly appreciate it!! This is a big decision, and I'd hate to make it alone. Thank you!
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i had fusion on l4 and l5 three years ago did not help they want to fuse the next two up told them to stick it first surgury was supposed to las ten years lasted 3 now i have one doctor tellin me to fuse one another neuro guy tellin me next to and athid tellin me to get stimulatercant move pulled out of work loosen everything dont get cut again it dont work fight hard to put of surgury

I did it, much worse. I am glad I did. Please look at some of my other posts here.

I can help you Jamielynn18, I have two Wallis implants within my lower back and they are no good what so ever. Take the fusion, as long as the surgeon is good and knows whats he is doing you should no doubt be fine as the out come may be what you need.

The most important thing you can do is find the right doctor. Do not settle for the family friend recommendation or the first one you meet. I am on my second surgery l5 s1 in six months because my first doctor screwed up the surgery. Do not let me scare you. The surgery in my opinion will help and you will be glad you did it. Take your time finding the right doctor and take your time healing. Good luck and best wishes. C.

Hello, we'll I can honestly say if you are in so Much pain and absolutely cannot take it anymore than what else can you do. It's either live with the pain or pray and hope it does work. I'm getting a Spinal fusion in March and I'm scared to reading all these stories but at the same time I've exhausted all that I can do. I've been to PT, injections, ultrasounds ect. I cannot take the pain anymore. There's times where I can't ge out of bed. I am 29. I have three Degenerative disc but one that is bone on bone so it's compressing a nerve that's why I can't walk for long, sit ect, my whole foot is swollen and turns blue. I am ready for this and I know how you feel too.

how long between surguries