Spinal Lumbar Surgery, L-4, L-5, And S-1

hello, I was wondering if anyone know about how long the recover will take, I also had a donor bone graft from my back pelvis...and it hurts like hell....I can feel a wierd bone sticking out, at the donor site...is this normal? I'm nervous because it hurts, so so bad....anyone know what I should be expecting? I had my surgery on 10/30/2012....thank for any responses!!!

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3 Responses Dec 1, 2012

My surgeries 4//1/2012, 5/2/2013, 8/20/2013 and 8/27/2013. I am in a body brace still recovering from the last.

wow. I certainly wish youbthe very best in your recovery. I am in need of surgery on my C3/C4 now...also, my L4/L5/S1 fusion did not take, so unfortunately I am in rough shape for awhile :(

I wish you all the best too. The lower back fusion is the most painful. That makes my C4-C7 look like child's play.

For a successful surgery, my guess is around a year. Recovery is gradual, and the first three months are worst. I've had three fusions.

Hi, I had spinal fusion surgery on Stephens day 2012.. And I'm still recovering.. It's driving me mad I just want to be better !.. I had a bone graft but I don't know from where because the surgeons told me all the details after the surgery and I can't remember because I was so drugged !! How is your recovery going ?