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Sounds like me too. I am 53 and have been living with issues with my back for several years. I had seen a neurosurgeon in 2008 who had said I was a candidate for fusion but not in need at the time. He told me to stay strong, to excercise etc. I decide to focus on the stay strong part. For the past few years after completing pt Ive been working out in a gym. Id worked up a nice weight training routine which made me feel good physically & mentally. I built my body strength working to 1700 reps 2-3 times each week. I kept the weights moderate, in my mind, but probably had been overdoing it.
Along came the recent hurricane. The Thursday after, I awoke with massive pain in my cervical area down my right arm to my pinky and ring fingers. I'm left with residual nerve pain on and off very severe, little sleep, and my arm to hand have lost strength. All this and I hadn't been to the gym for a week prior to this onset.
I'm told I need multiple level fusion, c5 t1, c7 t1. I don't understand all this. I'm scared my life is going down the drain. I worry if I'll be able to return to work in a reasonable time if at all as I am a retail salesman where my feet and endurance are my tools to provide for my family.
I've decided to try to work until I get more clear info from doctors. I've been unable to find doctors I'd be comfortable with nor have I been given any answers as to what's in front of me.
Life is not good right now....
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1 Response Dec 6, 2012

I am (was) very strong, swimming 2 miles a day and lifting light weights. I had c4-c7 in the neck. This is not as difficult as lumbar (I had three of those), but its still tough. Stay strong and do it, when you can. Recovery about two-three months before I could swim again.