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I am "Me", I placed this post. I can't seem to come to grips with this. Always worked too hard physically in my life. Suddenly I've hit a brick wall at 100 miles an hour. Now I'm worried for my existence, moreso that I will not be able to care for my family. I've always been the rock. Never really achieved great success other than always paid my bills on time even when I could not rub 2 nickels together.
I'm kinda used to pain. So that part will almost be like old hat. I don't want this surgery in the worst way. Though my strength has gone up in smoke, I can't imagine coming through this ok.
Nothing good. Everything's gone from bad to worse in my life. AND, I haven't a doctor I feel confidence in.
So depressed and hopeless. If there's anything out there or anyone who can throw me a bone. I'd be eternally greatful. I've had previous surgeries and feared none. This multi level cervical fusion stuff has me over the edge. Until I can find some direction I truly am lost in space...
If there's any help out there, please contact me but don't know how to receive messages out of this forum. Is it ok to provide my e-mail address?
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Hello Mandy,
I am new to this forum. Have been looking places to try to get feedback from people who have had cervical fusion. I have had back surgery in 2007 - a laminectomy and disectomy and have been worse from the pain with extensive nerve damage. However, was told just a couple of weeks ago that I am heading towards becoming a quadraplegic unless I have surgery asap and to be careful in case of a fall etc. I know how you feel about being lost in space as I feel totally the same, I feel like screaming and running away, but what would that achieve. The first consultant I saw was about to turn me away and said he thought it was ligaments but when I challenged the MRI he said he would have a word with his boss (the main consultant) who after raised voices came in to see me and provide me with this terrible verdict. I lost faith in them doing the surgery so got another opinion from another consultant who said the same. I am now waiting for date but have had 2 weeks of grief as the secretary who deals with things is being a right pain and delaying my op because she thinks she knows best!!!!!!!! argh!!!!! I told her today, that if I become paralysed because of her then god help her.... and I demanded to speak to someone else who I now hope is dealing with things.

Wow! I really feel for you friend. Listen hard. I had the crap scared outta me by a surgeon & a pain mgmt dr he sent me to. Both said I was in big trouble and I'd need a good surgeon & not to worry about in network or not. Well, if I had listened & gone to surgeon pain mgmt dr recommended, I could've faced financial ruin. So, I hesitated and sought advice of physical therapist and old friend chiropractor. Both said I'm not at point of surgery. I went to new surgeon and pain mgmt dr. I've been on meds to attack nerve damage caused by disc hitting spine and PT. currently I am no longer lost in space. I am functioning even back at gym building strength. I wish th very same to you. Go get more info. Don't rush into mistake.