3 Level Spinal Fusion - 20 Yrs Ago

hello - Tim here from the surrey hinterland in UK.
had fusion 20yrs ago due to failed laminectomy - which turned out to be 'dirty surgery' as performed by BUPA.
my post op life was difficult to start with due to being carpenter and i had to retrain and all that involved many years of adult education. 5 years post op i qualified from university with a first with honours and i am now a specialist teacher to special children.

my problem is that now the wear at L4/5 is becoming uncomfortable on a daily basis and i was wondering if anyone out there in the web world knows anything about spinal silicone implants??

thanks for reading

Zarkbark Zarkbark
1 Response Jan 8, 2013

I had bone growth implants along with my fusion. I don't know about anything else.