Cervical Spinal Fusion

I had cervical fusion in 2003 at the c5&c6 and c6&c7 levels. I was left with some weakness in my left arm, but my surgery was successful.

I now have a herniation/bulging disc at the c4&c5 level. I have had headaches, ringing in ears, some left arm pain, and dizziness. My neurosurgeon says I am a candidate for another fusion at c4/c5. I am not sure what to do. I am concerned about my future if I have this fusion. The disc above can weaken and that is a very serious situation. I am 41 and would like to hear from anyone who has had all 3 levels fused especially in the cervial spinal area. Anyone that has had these three levels fused, I would like to hear your story and outcome.
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II was given the shock of my life and told that my spinal cord was almost completely blocked.
I had in c-4-c7.
I had surgery for this area in January of 2013 and and doing O.K.
Guarded optimism on my part.
I still feel tingling in hands and feet, but not as severe. It feels like sandpaper on my fingers.
Before the surgery I had so many nerve sensations that were scaring me. Also, my right leg and foot did not feel the floor and I nearly fell.
That was when i knew that I was ready for the c spine surgery.
So far, no regrets, but time will tell.
I am trying to think good thoughts, and grateful for my good surgeon for now.

I have had c2 through c7 done and then 2 yrs later the front of c5/c6, I am 45 and I have a lot of pain and nerve damage, both arms and hands very weak, hard to to daily things, it's tough

I had the same levels fused in the cervical area that you did. I have almost the same problems you have had after my surgery. I just got my cervical fusion done on 4-24-12 and im still having them. It was nice to find out i am not crazy about the ringing in my ears. U made my day,it helped me out a lot. Thanks.

I am new to this forum and found it by trying to search for support re: cervical fusion. I was told last week after consultants viewed my MRI that I need immediate surgery due to flattened spinal cord C4-C7 and that I am a timebomb regarding becoming a quadraplegic. I was totally shocked to hear this as I do not have neck problems only very painful electrical shocks shooting from cervical area into head. I sought a 2nd opinion who backs up 1st and I am now waiting for my date. I am so scared and I feel like I am falling apart. I had a lumbar disectomy and laminectomy 6 years ago L5-S1 which although enabled me to be able to walk again, has left me with lots of pain ever since and a further 3 discs gone. I am reading that having this surgery causes discs below and above to go too. This consultant says to do a 2-3 level fusion 1st then come back and do C3-4

My name is catherine and I am 52 years old and i have 11 fusion and 2 steel rods in my spine. I had this operation when I was 11 years old and now my problems are different I am active and I am 5'6 and weigh 165 and all my weight is in my stomach. I cannot wear jeans or any zip up pants as they hurt my stomach and back. I wear eleastic pants and hate them. My pain in my back is largely due to the fact that their is too much fat back there. I walk daily and I have yet to lose 1 pound. I have a trampoline I bounce on and that is eaiser on my back then almost everything elest I tried. It's low impact on my spine. None of this is making me lose weight around my stomach. also I am very hungrey most of the time due to the hormone changes I am also going through. the hot flashes and mood swings are just an added pain in my back. I have been reading Louise hay "You can heal your body" and this book has helped me out more then any doctor. I recommend you read it. You can get it at the libary for free. it's worth the read. anyway I am needing to connect to some people that are also experiencing life changes and back issues. this year I am working harder then ever to get rid of the fat around my waist. I hope I can be of help to you as well. thanks for listening to my story.
I hope you have a nice day.