I Had A 4 Level Cervical Fusion Oct 2011 And Just Found Out January 2013 That I Did Not Fuse.

I recently sought care from another spinal surgeon due to thorasic pain I have had since March 0f 2012. I have attributed it to a PT exercise I performed incorrectly for my neck. Been to alot of specialist to see what is up with thorasic. Just saw a top surgeon last week and he was not concerned with my thorasic - he was concerned with my cervical fusion. It appears as though I have not fused and it has been 15 months. I'm supposed to be fused from the C5 - T1. Plates and screws in place after xrays; however, no sign of bone growth for the fusion. I now have to have a CAT scan and MRI to see what is going on.

For those who didn't fuse, what happened?

What material was used in your fusion - autograph (your bone), allograft (cadaver), or some man made thing?

If your bone was used, from where was it obtained?

Needless to say, I had not expected to be told any of this....thanks
robinlong robinlong
Jan 22, 2013