Hug With A Lamp Post

Well when i was 13 i was out riding my bicycle i went around to rodgers house this kid i knew he liked to make bets if it was not pogs it was some other idea. So i got there he said i will race you and give you a 10 second head start for £5 and i said right your on and shook on it.

I tore down the road as fast as i could get my bike to go i was ahead and i turned around to look back to see if i was winning and i put my hands up and shook them as if to say "Yes i won" and i look back around and i was about to crash.

i had two choices crash in to the wood fence which was not very high at all i could forsee my self flying over the handle bars in to the woods and ending up in the quick sand / bog

or the other choice was to crash in to the lamp post.

It was a split second choice no time for pulling on the breaks so i chose the lamp post. little did i know my head would smash against it tearing the flesh right from my head. i was on the main road when this happened and the impact caused me to lose my vision temporarily.
god knows how i crossed that main road without my vission.

by the time i has crossed that road my vission came back i was scared i felt went and i could see i was bleeding pretty bad i knew i would not make it back home which was 3 blocks away. Next thing i knew my ex girlfriend saw me and she was freaking out but luckily i saw a olderly couple walking out to their car in their drive so i ran over to them said i need help and they kindly dropped everything they where doing and rushed to get the first aid kit they had in their house. They patched me up and some of the neighborhood kids i knew from school ran back home to tell my parents what had happened.

while the elderly couple drove me to hospital. when iw as at hospital it did not take long for my parents to arrive i was given a tetnus shot and was bandeged up some more. I remember i kept asking if i was going to lose my sight because i was so scared when i lost my vision for a while when i hit that lamp post.

they assured me that everything was going to be fine. they said they could sitch me up there or send me 50 miles to see a really good surgeon who would do a better job. I was like "i cant face having it done now lets bide some time and go to see the other guy 50 miles away"

so my aprents drove me 50 miles to a good surgeon he said i was very lucky if it has been a few inches lower i would have lost my sight.
he said that the cut was so deep that he could see my skull bone.

he gave me a injection and them started stiching me back together. He was great and he talked to me while he did it and covered my eyes over so i could not see the needle and being stiched up while my dad held my hand.

after we drove back and stopped at burger king for dinner i was feeling pretty ok considering and i enjoyed my dinner when i got back home it was prety strange trying to sleep with a big *** bandage on my head and when i woke up every morning for a while my eyes would puss up and shut so i had to remove the dried puss so i could open my eye.

it healed and now there is a very small scar which hardly notices i am sure with bio oil or laser treatment it would clear up.

I never did get the £5 for winning the race and rodger ditched me never bothered to see if i was ok he was like " Oh **** lets get out of here"
things we do when we are young and stupid. Hahaha

Oh well i sure learned my lesson and wear a skid lid "crash helmit" when though they look pretty silly

sarahbethuk sarahbethuk
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1 Response Jul 25, 2010

I sure did learn my lesson and it healed up nicely. its the only time i had stitches touch wood.<br />
fast food sure is good hehe