Had A Few

The first time I got stitches was my first day of school, when I split head open on a rock after being pushed off a seat. Since then, I've had more stitches, mostly to the head.
Next time I was about 12. I was hit by a car and went head first through the windscreen. Even all these years later, I still don't remember what exactly happened. I had quite a number of cuts to the back of my head sewn up.
Third time. I split my head open after a fall and more stitches.
Last time (and hopefully it will be last time), was when I cut my leg open with a large masonry saw, trying to cut cement. I managed to missmy kneecap thankfully as it left a gash down to the bone just above the knee. I had stitches in the muscle as well this time.
I've been stitched up after hospital operations, but don't count those in my tally
Becnme Becnme
56-60, F
Jul 29, 2010