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The old and now the new..

In 1978 I had an operation on a pressure sore on the top of my left  thigh (Greater Trochanter) for the medically minded.
The pressure sore was very deep and the surgeon had to cut down to the bone. Luckily the bone was not infected.
When they closed me up they joined the muscle together with Stainless Steel Staples.
Once I was discharged, at home and back to work, the staples started to work their way to the surface, and I developed a fever which put me back in bed after just two months of being up and about again. My doctor came but, could do nothing, so I remained in bed with an inflamed hip slowly ejecting staples.
I was stuck in bed at home for another six weeks, having previously spent three months in bed in hospital.     
At the end of six weeks my temperature suddenly shot up and I became unconscious. I was rushed to Battle Hospital in Reading where they performed an emergency operation on my hip.
The surgeon removed what he later described to me as an abscess the size of a large chicken egg yolk formed around stainless steel staples.
The wound was left open so that it could be aspirated as more poison accumulated.
After a week I was transferred to stoke Mandeville Hospital. On arrival they took all the usual obs and some blood.
Now here's the important part. By the afternoon my urine was the colour of port wine, I was told to drink more water, by the evening I had drunk four carafes of water (approx 6 pints) to clear what the staff nurse insisted was just concentrated urine. My urine was still the colour of red wine,
The stupid stubborn nurse refused to inform the doctor, insisting that if I kept drinking it would soon clear up. I insisted that my kidneys were bleeding , she told me that was rubbish and to DRINK MORE!!! by the time I went to sleep I had drunk another three pints of water and, my urine was still the colour of a dark rose wine.
In the morning the doctor came to see me, and told me that I was anemic, and would need a blood transfusion.
WELL i WONDER HOW i LOST ALL THAT BLOOD ??? what a mystery.
So the blood transfusion begun, while the wine flowed into the urine bottle. 
Halfway through the second pint of plasma my body suffered what is called an autonomic attack and, both my kidneys shut down completely.
The cause of the attack was, according to the staff at Stoke Mandeville 'something wrong with the transfused blood'.
That is how my Kidney failure began.
As I type this update there is another staple protruding from my hiip. This is a rrecent development. There is no inflamation, and I'm keeping  a close watch on it. Hopefully it will work it's way right out in due course. I am feeling very well, no signs of fever or anything else untoward. I hope this will resolve itself without any medical intervention, wish me lluck.

AlmostAristotle AlmostAristotle 61-65, M 4 Responses Apr 29, 2011

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Thanks colleen, i'll be sure to keep my eye on it.

OMG...This was scary and that nurse was even scarier!! I hope that staple finds it's way out with no complications. You've been thru soooo much Ari....hugs and hugs.....♥

Life has put up the hurdles, I only had to jump over them.

Gah why didn't she just listen to you and inform the doctor?!?!?! I am so very sorry this is something you have had to endure in your life. You never cease to amaze me!