Several Times

In my chin, in my thigh, and have had several moles removed from my neck. I also had a cycst removed off of my face and had several stitches. Hopefully I wont have to have any for quite some time!

picgirl picgirl 31-35, F 6 Responses Apr 19, 2008

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sorry to hear that terrible things...

Thanks so much dorobo. I try!

Life sends us lemons. Some make lemonade. That seems to apply to you! Worse things have happened to others so count yourself lucky. A friend who lost a hand in an accident said, "I still can eat with my other hand!" I admire that kind of spirit, which I think you have.

you welcome. I see.

I hope you feel better. Talk to later.

Thanks so much for that wasnt too bad!

wow. You have quite of lot of things done to you.

I'm sorry for your pain.