When I Was About Five Years Old.

 I was in the backyard of a friend of the family's house and was closing the back door. They had a few steps up to the back door, and there was no railing. I turned around to go down the steps, fell off the side of them, and landed on my chin on bricks. Ouch. My dad was in the backyard, and he told my 6-year-old sister to go get mom (who is a doctor and was inside the house), but not to scare her. So my sister tells my mom, "I think Jennie needs a band-aid." My mom told her she'd come see in a second, and my sister said, "I think Jennie needs one NOW." XD

So off I went to the emergency room, where I ended up with seven stitches in my chin. My sister wanted to satisfy her curiosity and count them, but being the bratty little sister, I wouldn't let her until she paid me a penny for each stitch she counted! I was a conniving little thing.

My mom has taken out plenty of stitches at her job, so instead of bringing me back to get the stitches out, she stuck me on the bathroom floor and pulled them out with some tweezers, which hurt like hell. Then again, I was five, so I thought my mom brushing my hair hurt like hell, too. So it probably wasn't really all that bad!


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I never had stitches, but my closest sister did once. On the one hand the pretty purple thread they used looked kinda cool (i was a strange kid) on the other hand... ouch!! <br />
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I remember sitting in the hospital by myself for what seemed like FOREVER, just waiting for her stitches.