EP removed 39 of the 40 stories I had. Hope those of you that had chance to see enjoyed Those that missed sorry.

I knew the stories where adult nature and had check them that way and thought they would stay under that but was wrong . Not sure if I can redo them but will try when I get time
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That sucks,,

The ones I did read were great :) hope to see new ones in the future.

Wish I had read them as I enjoyed the one below

Sadly I missed them!

Best thing is to type it in to a text document first, then save it on your computer somewhere, and after copy and paste it into EP

Can you repost your stories to my message or email me

trying to find copies from any I emailed or who copied tehm on line

Bastards. I never got to read them. Jerks.


Woooooow.... I was... wow. WTF!

yes so many have told me how disappointed they are

It was just so unexpected, I just read a couple the other day and now... :/

if any have copied the stories please post here so I can recover them I will delete them from here once I copy

i am not as IT savvy as some people but there are some sites you can go to that will take you to a certain time....like last week ........and allow you to see whatever was posted on the webpage at the time.....maybe that would work.


they should at least tell you that they are going to be removed and give you a chance to save them