Death By Tears

It was scorching. The heat was unbearable, but worse then that were the cries of the 12 or so people around me. At first i was disorientated, it felt like, i had just stepped into a scene. Then i took in my surrounding and i was standing on the edge of a cliff, with 12 or so people around me; all of them crying.
I looked front and i see the edge of another cliff where there is a man with a bunch of kids around him.
But thats not what grabs my attention, its HIM, my fiance. He was right behind the little boy nearest to the edge and nearest to that man. i
Suddenly, as if a switch was turned on in me, i remembered, i knew exactly why we were there, what was happening.
That man was a criminal and he had all the children of the people around me as hostage. And my fiance volunteered to become a hostage along with the children so that he could do his best on not letting the criminal harm the children.
I was so proud of him.
And so scared.
All i could think about how i needed him, how i can never live without him and that made me decide. I asked someone from my side to get me a gun.
And the next moment i was handed a very precise and very accurate gun.
I took aim; right at the criminals forehead.
And as i shot once, i simultaneously closed my eyes after pulling the trigger.
I knew he was dead. And the relief made me shaky, and i still hadn't opened my eyes.
But i was insecure, so, in my shaky state, and with my eyes closed, i shot again.
And somehow i knew eveything had backfired.
I opened my eyes and i saw the criminal dead.
And the second shot, it hit HIM. My love. My life. My existence.
A strangled cry of utter retchedness burst through my lips.
We all went to the other cliff somehow, parents hugging and kissing their children.
But me, i had hhis fallen body in my arms, on the ground.
I took him home, and got a doctor. And the doctor said that there is very less chance of him surviving.
The bullet had gone straight through the heart.
I cried.
Like i have never cried before, pure despair, hurt, anger.
I was broken into two, so i took his body, not giving the doctor a chance to say anything, and i drove away somewhere with his body on my passenger seat.
And i waited.
When he stopped breathing, took his last breath, i closed my eyes.
And cried. Howled in pain.
And i died from crying for days without stopping, causing my vocal cords to burst and my heart to stop beating.
And thats how i met my death by tears.
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1 Response Aug 2, 2010

I think your name says it all. Get yourself help!