i have a never ending nightmare bout the end of time:starts  as lightning and its tremendous and i'm always somewhere in the dream with my kids. I will leave the place i'm at and go outside. As soon as i walk out the door there is lightning more lighting that i could ever imagine seeing. Then the sky will break and make a huge booming noise.The oxygen is pulled out of the earth and i'm watching everyone i love die. I cant seem to stop having the dream.and it kills me every time i wake up as i just pass out in the dream from no air.
wickedFallenAngel wickedFallenAngel
31-35, F
1 Response Sep 2, 2010

i had the same thing, almost.<br />
though in mine i somehow saw a huge monster like thing coming from the sky. powerful winds were around and it was so noisy. <br />
i wake up feeling suffocated, out of air.