Traumatizing Dream

I had this nightmare-ish dream a few years ago. I was in my dad's mazda, and we were driving down a deserted suburban road. Oh, and everything was in black and white. So it skips ahead, and my dad's in this garage by a house, and the path from the house leads down a little to a wall. And I'm sitting on the wall next to a tricycle. And I look up and I can see the shadows of my dad and another man arguing the garage. Then all of a sudden, I see the shadow of the other man hitting my dad with an axe. I jump on the trike and start pedalling away as fast as my strangely four-year old body can go. And I hear the man calling my name in the distance. And that's all I can remember. Also, I woke up crying hysterically, and I was so freaked out, I've had to sleep with a fan on, because the silence freaks me out. Consequently, I've become more attached to my dad.
Twink14 Twink14
13-15, M
Apr 1, 2012